‘Falling Water’ recap 2×08 “Nothing Personal”

Falling Water recap, Season 2, Episode 8, “Nothing Personal”, aired Feb. 24th, 2018

This episode dealt with relationships, personal demons, and the past coming back to bite us in the ass. Burton was having nightmares of the regular variety, while Tess was trying to figure out how to deal with her own personal revelations. Alex showed us some vulnerability when she had to lean on Taka for support instead of the other way around. Let’s break it down!

Falling Water recap 2x08


Burton is way more sensitive than we give him credit for. Sure, he has done some not so great things, but haven’t we all? No one regrets his decisions more than Burton himself. His nightmares recounting time in Darfur have been slowly eating away at him all season long. Who better to help him through his troubles than Tess? Burton has always been a bit more tight lipped than Tess and Taka, slower to express his emotions. But it’s clear that he is starting to let Tess in and we couldn’t be more excited about it. These two have been through so much, they truly deserve a bit of happiness. When Burton is finally able to face his past and start to forgive himself for the death of Ronald, that’s when we’re sure he’s going to be okay.

Falling Water recap 2x08

Dangerous ties

We finally get to meet Christy, just in time for Shadowman to take her over! We loved getting a glimpse into Alex’s personal life and what makes her tick. She and Christy have a pretty solid relationship. Well, they did before Alex learned about dreamers, and Shadowman began messing with her life. Besides feeling like she is no longer a priority to Alex, Christy ends up in desperate need of medical attention. We are hoping that we aren’t getting to know Christy just in time for her to be taken away from Alex. But, on the plus side, if there was anything to get Alex fully involved with the Dream Team, this would be it. Nothing can make someone a believer more than seeing it happen right before your eyes!

Falling Water recap 2x08

Treading carefully

While Woody could be the ultimate secret weapon into defeating Shadowman, it’s a bit hard for Burton and company to trust the guy. Not that we can blame them, we still don’t trust him ourselves. He’s been charmingly deceptive and hasn’t seemed to feel a shred of guilt over any of his actions. Until now. That’s just a tad suspicious to us. But Woody doesn’t seem to care if he helps or not. If he had the money, he would have already taken off by now. Surprisingly enough, it’s Rafferty who is able to convince Woody to change his attitude. In other words, Woody needs to pull his head out of his ass and figure out the kind of person he wants to be. Clearly it works, as Woody heads to his dreams to interact with Bill and let him know that he’s ready to fight Bennett and company.

Falling Water recap 2x08

Other end of the line

Last week we discovered that Sabine and Tess aren’t biological sisters. Charlotte isn’t Tess’ real mother, and while Tess tried to shake off the revelation, we know she was affected. Much deeper than she likes to let on. But we know she won’t let the information keep her down for long. Tess is stronger than anyone gives her credit for and she doesn’t stop until she gets what she’s after. Still, it probably would have helped Tess quite a bit if she had been able to get a hold of Charlotte when she tried calling her. We absolutely loved it when Tess took a page out of Burton’s book and began opening up to him about things she’s been struggling with.

Falling Water recap 2x08

Box it out

We had some really great moments with Tess and Burton this episode and they are just getting us even more excited for the next time these two take a big step forward in their relationship. The boxing scene was more than we could have ever asked for. Not only would it be a great idea for Tess to practice some self defense, but boxing is a great way to get rid of the agression she’s feeling about everything. Bonus, it made for some serious bonding time for Tess and Burton. As did Tess comforting Burton after one of his nightmares. We can’t hold back our excitement for the direction these two are going. Then there was the dream bonding. We loved every second of that and couldn’t keep the grins off our faces.

Falling Water recap 2x08

Nothing left

While we want to see Bennett, Shadowman, and all the other goons taken down, we don’t want to lose any of our dreamers. Things have been dangerous since the beginning of the season, and they’ve only progressed. Our team has been giving it their all and don’t have much to show for it. The Dream Team has been slaving away, doing their best to come up with a way to get rid of Bennett and company. But they haven’t been taking great care of themselves and we’re a little worried that if that doesn’t change, they aren’t going to be able to win any battles.

Do you think Woody really is on the good side of  things? Will Tess and Burton sit down and talk about what’s going on between them? What about Alex becoming a dreamer? Will Taka be able to prove Sabine’s innocence and get her out of prison before she takes her own life? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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