‘Falling Water’ recap 2×07 “Love Is a Dreamer”

Falling Water recap, Season 2, Episode 7, “Love Is a Dreamer”, aired Feb. 17th, 2018

This episode had us feeling all the love! It also had us feeling pretty devastated for Sabine. Even more truths were revealed and our strive for the defeat of Shadowman reached an all time high. On top of that, our Burton and Tess shipper levels have gone through the roof! Let’s break it down!

Falling Water recap 2x07

Starting something

Tess and Burton have been hurtling towards something magical for a while now and we’re excited! While we feel a little impatient about things, we’re trying to keep ourselves calm. The slow burn has been absolutely wonderful and watching not only Tess bond with Burton, but James as well, has us feeling wistful. These two have been through a lot together and things aren’t going to get easier for them in the foreseeable future. So they may as well just be together when they can and for as long as they can. As long as the end result is the two of them together, we are so okay with the road they have to travel to make it. Then we got that kiss! Now all we want is more!

Bittersweet memories

Things with Sabine have reached an all time low. We’ve been concerned about her from the moment Shadowman used her as a pawn. But things have escalated to the point of us being unsure how long she’s going to be alive. While we didn’t think we had to worry about Shadowman getting into her dreams again, we never thought about her mental state. It’s in a severely bad place, and we’re just sitting with our fingers crossed that she doesn’t try to commit suicide again. We’re hoping that not only Tess’ words got through to her, but her dream with Taka as well. These two aren’t the only ones that would be lost without her. We don’t care that she and Tess aren’t technically sisters because they are siblings in every single way that counts.

Falling Water recap 2x07


Lainie is starting to drive us a little crazy. Look, we get that your entire life has been changed and put on an entirely different course against your will. We can’t even imagine how you must be feeling. But that doesn’t mean you can act like a little brat all the time. It’s been made abundantly clear over and over again that the Dream Team is doing their best to protect you. They are Lainie’s best bet for survival and she needs to get her shit together before it really is too late for them to save her this time. Going on the run when she’s pregnant and alone is the worst possible decision for Lainie to make, especially at this point in time. We want Lainie to live, but could she just stop and think about things for a moment?

Falling Water recap 2x07

Pick a side

Woody seems to be on the side of the dreamers, but he always seems to be on both sides. He still hasn’t given an actual confirmation that he will be working for the good guys yet. Not that we would really believe him anyway. It’s just the point of the matter. This is a man who has flip flopped sides so many times, we’re not sure he even knows what side he is on anymore. If he’s confused, then we definitely are. But the conclusion we’re beginning to come to is that Woody wants to be on whatever side he thinks is going to win. While this seems like a really good way to survive, it’s also a really great way to make a lot of enemies. Plus, it’s a real asshole move to boot.

Falling Water recap 2x07

Truths revealed

Our Dream Team finally has the identity of the Shadowman. Tom Dolan. While we’ve known this since Tom first made his appearance on screen, the frustration of waiting for the team to discover the truth had us anxious. But we never lost faith in our team and we were ecstatic when they finally began connecting all the dots. Now it’s just a matter of catching the psycho. Then there is the truth about dreamers being kidnapped and impregnated as a way to create even more dreamers. A truth Burton confronts Woody with in his cabaret style dream. We’re guessing Woody does feel some guilt down deep about this and that may be why he has decided to help. Let’s just hope his choice sticks this time. But we kind of doubt it.

Falling Water recap 2x07

The end is near

With things coming to a head and just a few episodes to wrap things up, it looks like the Shadowman is running out of places to hide. He can only run so long now before being caught. Do you think Falling Water will be renewed for a third season? What’s going to happen to Lainie? Will Woody stick with the dreamers this time around? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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