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‘Dynasty’ recap 1×14 “The Gospel According to Blake Carrington”

Dynasty recap, Season 1, Episode 14, “The Gospel According to Blake Carrington”, aired March 9th, 2018

Dynasty is back from hiatus and it picks up directly where it left off. But things don’t take long to escalate out of control. We’re not ashamed to admit that we loved every second. If ever there was a guilty pleasure, this show is it! But we’re still holding out for Jeff Colby to change his mind about going after the Carrington family.

Dynasty recap 1x14

Use what you have

Steven makes a few major decisions, and we have to say we’re surprised with how good they were. Finding out that Sam is here illegally, Steven sends him back to the Carrington mansion. With that done, Steven then makes the best decision he can, given the circumstances. He calls his father. It probably would have been easier if Ted had just died. But it does go to show us that Steven has a bit more of his father in him than even he realized. The way Steven is able to switch in and out of the part of Ted’s caring lover even had us a little confused. We’re not sure how to feel about the deceptive side of Steven that’s coming out, but we know it won’t lead to anything good for him. Even more confusing is that Ted seems to buy the act as well.

Dynasty recap 1x14

Too hot to handle

Jeff really should know better than to try and pull one over on Fallon. Especially since he has Monica supposedly helping him out. For anyone paying attention, it doesn’t take more than five minutes in Fallon’s presence to know that it’s going to take a hell of a lot to pull one over on her. Jeff and Monica must really be full of themselves to think they’re going to be the ones able to accomplish just that. Add to that the fact that we’re pretty sure Jeff is developing real feelings for Fallon, and that makes the Colby’s job even more difficult than originally thought. Then Cecil throws a wrench into our feelings with his outburst and insistence that Jeff cannot marry Fallon after everything her family did to theirs. Wait, what?

Dynasty recap 1x14

Blake strikes again

Along with Cecil’s outburst comes the truth of why the Colby family has such a grudge against Blake Carrington and everything he holds dear. In typical Fallon fashion, she goes directly to her father for answers. That had us shaking our head in disbelief. When is Fallon going to stop believing everything that comes out of her father’s mouth. As a matter of fact, what is it about Blake that when people get evidence and confront him, they just believe the lies he tells to cover his own ass? How many times are we going to be forced to watch Blake charm his way out of every single situation? We’re going to continue believing that karma will come back around and when it does, it will be directly aimed for Blake Carrington.

Dynasty recap 1x14

Strange bedfellows

Rick doesn’t seem to be giving up on Cristal easily. This woman has more baggage than an airport. But Blake just continues to think their marriage is bliss. It’s pretty clear that Cristal thinks she and Rick can have something without Blake knowing, even though Cristal tells Rick that nothing can happen between them. But when it came time for Blake to invite Rick to dinner, Cristal should have known she was busted. Then Blake shocked us one more time when he told her he wanted her to get close to the man. He thinks it’s his way in to find out what Jeff Colby is really up to. This web of deception is continuing to grow and we have a feeling that Cristal isn’t going to resist Rick for very long. If she even tries to resist the man at all.

Dynasty recap 1x14

The Anders turnaround

Some of the greatest moments of this show have come from the interactions between Sam and Anders. Hell, Anders alone could keep us entertained with his snarky wit forever. But maybe we’re enjoying the heartfelt moments from the Carrington staff member more than we’d like to admit. Especially when they happen between Anders and Sam. With everything going on, Sam had us feeling worse for him now more than ever, to the point Sam was ready to leave the mansion for good. We were relieved to have Anders be the one to stop him. Convincing Sam that he needed to stay and fight had us feeling a little warm and fuzzy. To take it one step farther, Anders has gone the legal route to ensure that Sam can stay in the United States.

Dynasty recap 1x14

The never ending ploy

We left off with Fallon not offering her father an answer as to whether or not she was going to go along with his plan. But with the way things are headed, we think there just may be another wedding headed our way this season. The real question is going to be what will come of it. Is Jeff developing real feelings for Fallon? What about Fallon? Will Cristal be able to resist Rick, or will she give in? How far will Steven be willing to go in order to sell the ruse of being Ted’s lover? Does Ted really have no memory of what actually happened? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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