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‘Arrow’ recap: 6×15 “Doppelganger”

Arrow recap: Season 6, Episode 15, “Doppelganger”, aired Mar 9th, 2018

Well, yikes. That’s really the only word we can think of to describe everything that’s happening with our beloved show as of late. On the plus side, Laurel’s back! Just kidding. Kind of. But Roy’s back! Kind of. Let’s discuss all this confusion.

Arrow recap 6x15

Who are you

Laurel certainly isn’t your average, uh, siren? Canary? Whatever she is, we can’t quite figure her out. One moment she’s pure evil, the next she’s giving us a glimmer of hope that things can change. Would we love Laurel back? Absolutely! Especially if things are done a bit better this time around. This is a real opportunity! But the back and forth game has long since left us with whiplash. No wonder Black Siren is confused! We don’t even know which way is up anymore! Just make a decision and stick with it already!

arrow recap 6x15

The best decision

Speaking of whiplash, we have Thea. Her character has been through the wringer time and time again, and that’s just this season! Thea has always had a difficult time deciding whether or not to be on the team for one reason or another. While we love her as Speedy, things just don’t seem as if they will ever be the same. Enter Roy! The perfect opportunity to give Thea the send off she deserves! While we would love to see both Thea and Roy stay in Star City and get their happy ending, it seems this is something that is only going to happen if they both leave. Which kind of has us wondering why everyone else doesn’t just pack up their shit and leave this awful city too. But, then we wouldn’t have a show. So there’s that.

arrow recap 6x15

Arrow and prison

Okay, we get it. The threat of Oliver going to jail the first three times it came up was daunting. But now it’s just getting a bit ridiculous. We all know Oliver is never going to be arrested for being the Green Arrow. They can bring in the FBI, the CIA, and any other alphabet group they want. We will still know it isn’t going to happen.

arrow recap 6x15

But, we do have to give the writers some kudos for finding a way to include Laurel into the whole thing. We also like that there was at least some acknowledgement of Oliver not giving Diggle the hood back. Again, we all know Oliver will ultimately always wear the hood. Until he dies, or gets too old to hit the streets, or bad knees and aching joints catch up to him. You get it.

arrow recap 6x15

Oh, the memories

Having Thea suit up with OTA to save Roy was bittersweet. We’re always game for some OTA, and since the destruction of NTA they’ve been in rare form. But seeing Thea don that hood again to save Roy had us smiling from ear to ear. These two have always been great together and we didn’t realize how much we missed them until they were together again. Now drive Thea, drive into the sunset! It’s the youngest Queen’s turn to find her happiness.

arrow recap 6x15

Speaking of happiness, Oliver and Felicity’s marital bliss moments are some of our favorites. Their interactions aren’t domineering or overbearing. They are just there. Felicity reminding us all that Oliver constantly blames himself for everything has us nodding in exasperated agreement. Oliver agreeing with Felicity has us clapping that maybe something is getting through that thick head!

Then they ruined it

Again, just when we were at the brink of having a revelation with Laurel, she receives a text from Diaz. Really people?! This is a two way street, not a two hundred way street. On top of that, it looks like we will once again have to deal with the League of Assassins and some Ra’s al Ghul fallout. We’re just not mentally prepared for that right now. We’re still not really sure what the whole point of the season finale is going to be yet. Unless this means Nyssa is coming back. Now that’s something we can jump on board with! A story that never got closure. Also, side note, we don’t believe Malcolm Merlyn is dead for even a second. Nope. We refuse.

arrow recap 1x16

What do you all think? Where do we go from here? Is it time for Thea to drive off into the sunset with Roy? Can we have the League of Assassins without Nyssa? Is Ra’s al Ghul going to come back to bite us in the ass? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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