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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7×12 recap: “A Taste of the Heights”

Oh, well hello there, feels. I really enjoyed this episode, and I think part of it may be because I love Tiana! She’s one of my new favorites of this season. Other than her story, we got some major OMG moments where I almost knocked over my lamp. Kidding, but that ending. Talk about some mixed feels.

Ok, I ship it


This episode was pretty heavy on the Tiana/Naveen meeting, and I was so here for it. The two didn’t really get off on the right foot, which makes things even more interesting to me. I love the enemies to lovers trope. Naveen is set on defeating an alligator, which apparently there’s a difference between that and a crocodile. That argument between Hook and Naveen though. Naveen is trolling Tiana because he thinks she’s a control freak, so they wind up on a boat together in the middle of the night to slay the beast. Never go on a boat at night; you’re just asking for trouble. And it turns out to be trouble when Naveen gets pulled under by the beast. Tiana being her BA self, ends up slaying the beast, but Naveen isn’t in good shape. Out comes Dr. Facilier who agrees to help her for a price. She refuses, saying she’s helped him enough. Facilier heals Naveen, but it’s never that easy. He disappears without a trace or a clue. Ugh, Facilier. Get out.

Back in Hyperion, Sabine is pumped for the opening of her food truck. I love that she’s so business savvy and doesn’t need anyone to help her. That’s what I call fierce af. However, she meets a competitor from her past, Drew, who is obviously Naveen. Just as The Taste of the Heights begin, Sabine’s food truck gets shut down because she doesn’t have a health permit. Come on, bro. Cut her some slack. Like I know it’s important but…Anyway Sabine thinks Drew set her up, so in turn, he gives her his permit. I’m not a law official, but I’m almost sure that’s not totally legal. Then we find out Drew is in cahoots with Facilier, and dude, no.

Rogers and Weaver: A bromance


I am totally on board for Rogers and Weaver being partners together. A start of a bromance, I would say. They go to hunt a witch, literally. Turns out she is blind, and when Rogers goes to sniff out stuff, she calls him out. Also, a moment to appreciate how attractive Rogers looked this episode. Also, the sky is blue. Anyway, they leave when the baker says she knows nothing of the murder they’re investigating. Yeah, okay.

Later that night, they return to the bakery to do some sleuthing of their own. Ohhhh the suspense! What they find is similar to last week’s episode. A lock of the baker’s hair is missing, but thankfully, she’s not dead. I’m telling you, it’s all Eloise. Oh my gosh, I am so glad she wasn’t in this week’s episode. PHEW.

The wooing of a mixed tape


Henry is really up to date with the world of digital media. I am impressed. It looks like he’s traded in his pen and paper for a podcast. Look at him, being all modernized. He started a podcast, chronicling the tales and mystery behind Victoria’s death, which I am still salty about. When Lucy suggest to Jacinda that she invite Henry to hang, he agrees to stop by. When he arrives, Lucy criticizes his khakis. Listen, Henry has never been a fashion icon. After all, he wore the same coat and scarf for AGES. Some things simply don’t change with a curse.

Lucy quickly excuses herself from their game night for obvious reasons. She wants her mom to kiss Henry so they can break the curse. There was wooing in the form of a cassette. I would like to know where Henry got that cassette tape; those are not easy to come by (did you catch that Captain Swan quote? No, anyone?). Asking for a friend. While in her room, a page from the storybook falls onto the floor, and what Lucy reads is a startling revelation to her. If Jacinda and him kiss, it will break the curse, but Henry will die. So as the two lean in, Lucy bursts into the room stopping it. Nice timing, Lucy.



Okay, I will try to remain calm while writing this section. No promises though because it’s me, and I don’t do calm with this show. Dr. Facilier is one shady dude, not only in present time, but in past time as well. It turns out that him and Regina have some kind of history that none of us know about. When he comes to visit her in the bar, Zelena steps in, telling him that she’s Roni. The two sisters all but kick him out of the bar, coming to the conclusion that he’s not awake. Or so they thought.

Back in the other realm, Tiana returns to the castle with news of Naveen’s disappearance. The crew all leaves the room, but Regina hangs back. Dr. Facilier is chilling on the balcony. Honestly, you creep. The two engage in conversation about their past. What is this past you speak of?! Inquiring minds want to know. He goads her, and before we know it, THEY KISS. THEY FREAKING KISS. I didn’t think I would care, and I already knew they would be thing, but dude, my OutlawQueen heart. Then at the end, Regina goes to visit him in Hyperion, and just as she turns to leave, he invites her inside. AND SHE GOES INSIDE. I need to calm down. Have you ever seen that Friends episode where Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler? Yeah, well, her reaction is similar to me with this situation. Like I said, I am CALM.

I really enjoyed this episode. Tiana is getting better and better, and I would love to see more of her. Also, this Regina and Facilier thing is just cray. Next week is Hook centric! Yay, but also, I will be missing it. So, you’ll have to deal without me tweeting about Hook all next Friday. What did you think of this episode? Is your OutlawQueen heart hurting? Sound off below or tweet me!

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