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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 100th Episode: 9 best moments

Agents of SHIELD 100th Episode 5×12 recap, Season 5, Episode 12, “The Real Deal,” Aired March 9, 2018

We knew that this episode was going to be a big one, but HOLY SH*T! We finally learned the truth about Coulson’s injury and then we saw the prospect of a “Coulson-free life” hit the team (and us). It wasn’t just that, we also got a wedding and a crazy, HUGE bombshell!

Here are the 9 best moments!

#1 Mack and Yo-Yo. After Yo-Yo’s devastating injury in the last episode, Mack is ready to take her away and never look back. These two are incredible together and we have all the feels.


#2 Fear dimension. Um, holy shit. We knew going into this episode that some old favorites would be coming back, but this pretty cool! A Cree warrior, LMD Jemma and Hive!

#3 Coulson’s deal. We finally know what’s been up with Coulson! Ghost Rider burned right through the “alien voodoo” that was holding him together. He has been dying this whole time and never told the team. (SOB!)

“There’s no shield without you.” – Daisy to Coulson

#4 Daisy and Coulson. Since the beginning of this show, it was clear that there was a crazy special bond between Coulson and Skye/Daisy. He sees her as his prodigy and the daughter he never had, but she doesn’t think that SHIELD exists without him. Watching them tearfully plead with each other was absolutely heartbreaking.

#5 May and Coulson. We have been hoping for these two to get together, and for a while it seemed like they were heading down that road, but then it cooled off. Now we know why. Poor Phil.

“It’s more than a team, and you know it.” – May

#6 All a dream? Has this all been a dream? When Phil goes down to repair the crack in the world, he encounters Mike Peterson aka Deathlok. Mike tells Phil that after Loki stabbed Phil, he made up all five seasons of the show in his head. We are forced to ask if this his fear or has Phil been on the table this entire time? What a cool concept! It reminds us of the Buffy episode where they suggest she has been in a mental hospital the whole time. Love it.

#7 Real Mike! Deke went out on a mission and came back with the real Mike Peterson! YAY! He heads down to save Coulson from the fears and it was bad-ass!

(ABC/Byron Cohen)

#8 Fitzsimmons wedding! Held in a picturesque forest that appeared in the lighthouse because of a hole in world, our favorite ship finally made it official! Even though it was thrown together by Deke with a list that Coulson gave him, it was absolutely perfect.

#9 OMG DEKE! Deke is related to Fitzsimmons! OMG! OMGGGGGGG! Deke said that the ring was like one his Grandma used to wear BECAUSE IT IS THE RING! He is the grandson of Fitzsimmons and we are freaking the f*ck out!!!!! Seriously, OMG.



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