‘SEAL Team’ 1×15 recap: Welcome, would you like your drugs to go?

SEAL Team Season 1, Episode 15, “No Man’s Land”, Aired Wednesday March 7, 2018.

I guess no matter what part of the world you’re in, drugs are a hot commodity. Jalalabad is no exception. Thanks to some pretty janky heroin found at Kamal’s house, the boys have a potential reason as to why Echo Team was taken out and are a little bit closer to finding out who paid for the hit on our lost brethren.  Side note: Was anyone else surprised that the entire beginning montage happened in the span of a week? I was fully expecting it to be a month-long affair. I mean, 18 hits in 7 days is crazy. Bravo to our Bravo [Team]!

'SEAL Team' 1x15

Cerberus deserves a medal and a thousand Milk-Bones

SEAL pup Cerb, not to be confused with actual seal pup Cerb in Antartica, was the MVP again this episode!

'SEAL Team' 1x15

The team kept hitting dead ends with the intel from Kamal’s house, when Brock realized Cerb sat down in the old raid video. It really is important to have good tech when you’re out there, folks. Thanks to Cerb’s past in narcotics, the team discovered about $10K of drugs in a wall. While these drugs were not of A+ material, they gave us A+ information. Apparently, the poppy farm the drugs came from was the same one Echo Team burned to the ground many moons ago. Cue the dramatic music, we finally have a proper lead.

'SEAL Tea,m' 1x15

Afghani Mulan + SEAL Team 6 = Lots of dead terrorists

Post-fire, the farm is being used as a front for a secret underground bank by the terrorists. They’ve both slyly and idiotically hid $10+ million smackaroos in a random hole that has absolutely no form of security. The bank’s only client was due for a withdrawal, so the team opted to stay and get the bigger fish. Unfortunately, the “bigger fish” was just a boy who wanted to steal some cash for his poor family. SIIIIKEEEE! The boy was actually a young woman who was a messenger for the terrorists. You really can’t trust anybody these days.

'SEAL Team' 1x15
Disney | Mulan

Afghani Mulan is smart and quick. She was able to stay afloat and even Jason said she could take care of herself. She tricks the baddies into going to the farm where Bravo Team is waiting. I got chills watching our boys seamlessly blend into the darkness and shrubbery. In contrast, the terrorists are once again idiotic. They had no idea they were surrounded and were just amazed the money was still there. Like, this totes doesn’t seem like a trap at all, guys. I rolled my eyes so hard, I strained my optic nerve.  Then, like a well-trained synchronized swim team at Regionals, our men ambushed the terrorists. Sadly, they weren’t able to keep any of the bad guys alive to extract new information. Mandy was definitely frustrated. It means we are back to square one, but not all is lost.

Who is the Boogie Man of Jalalabad?

Some of the men from the shootout were contract killers as they were not Jihadists, but former Al-Qaeda members. This revelation brings to play a few very interesting questions. Why didn’t these men steal the money? They’re not exactly besties, but a group of total strangers. Who leaves an underground hole full of cash with complete strangers? An individual who isn’t afraid of retaliation, that’s who. Mandy and Jason are now trying to sniff out exactly who is powerful and scary enough to terrify these men. The only person who knows any intel that’s still alive is Afghani Mulan who is willing to help… for a ticket to America. Do you think she’s trustworthy?

'SEAL Team' 1x15

Honorable Mentions:

  • The man with the red Mercedes, Saleem, met with Mandy. He was of no use, but he might have a few tricks up his sleeve.
  • Is it a safety issue to take away Jason’s coffee? I can’t imagine the caffeine headaches would be good for missions.
  • Clay’s a smart kid, but Ray’s a smart man. It was nice of Clay to make sure there was no bad blood between him and Ray when Jason chose Clay’s idea. It was even better of Ray to nip the awkwardness in the bud. He told Clay that honesty and good intentions are important in this line of work. It’s nice to see people working together and not be in some weird egotistical battle of the minds.
  • There’s another new character in town, Amy. She was friends with Echo Team and is a whiz at tactical security. She also made some sultry eye contact with Jason. It had the team in a frenzy. Will she be Jason’s new love interest or will she just fade into the void like many characters after a few episodes? P.S., has anyone seen Vanessa?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter! Plus, congratulations to AJ Buckley on his newborn twins, Ranger and Bodhi! The babes are in the NICU, so let’s all send some prayers and good vibes. So far, the babies seem to be getting healthier!

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SEAL Team returns Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 9/8c on CBS.

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