‘Little Women’ Comic Series: The March sisters get a modern twist

“Let us be elegant or die!” – Louisa May Alcott, LITTLE WOMEN

Are you ready for your next digital comic obsession? Just in time for the 150th anniversary of the original novel by Louisa May Alcott, Tapas has announced the launch of a new Little Women comic series centered on the March sisters! The characters aren’t just getting the comic treatment, they are getting a fresh, modern twist and we are HERE FOR IT.

Check out the synopsis from Tapas:

In this modernized retelling, the March family is blended, multiracial and LGBTQ-inclusive; and tackles new themes that will engage and move a new generation of fans. 

The comic will be penned by Rey Terciero, with illustration by Bre Indigo. A new chapter (or episode) will be launched each week on Tapas. This episodic release schedule will end in October and will be followed up by the launch of the paperback & ebook editions in November 2018.

Here’s what Terciero and Indigo had to say about the project:

“I loved Little Women growing up. Their struggles felt universal to me, especially feeling like I always had less than others. So it’s an absolute honor to be writing a re-telling of it. But Bre and I wanted to see ourselves in the characters too, which is why we made the family diverse and one of the characters LGBTQ. Jo is my favorite, so I wanted to play with the subtext that may not have been available 150 years ago, but that we can speak openly about these days. Being LGBT myself, I’m just happy to be creating a book that I wish I could have read as a young reader.  But it’s also very PG, and very sweet. I wanted to be sensitive with the heavy topics while staying true to Alcott’s vision of empowering young women.” – Rey Terciero, writer of LITTLE WOMEN comic series

“Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy have so much in common with today’s youth and hopefully when young readers pick up the book they can find themselves in the girls, and apply their growth to their own lives.  My personal goal as an artist is to help others to embrace empathy, to relate to one another and grow as individuals. And I think our book does just that.” – Bre Indigo, artist of LITTLE WOMEN comic series

While we love the classic, we can’t wait to see a fresh take on these amazing women, set in modern day Brooklyn. You can check out the first chapter of Little Women on Tapas now! With such compelling themes, strong representation and relatable issues, we are all in on this one. Let us know what you think in the comments or hit us up on twitter!

You can read chapter one of Little Women NOW on the Tapas app


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