‘Life Sentence’ Series Premiere: 4 best moments

Life Sentence recap: Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot”, Aired March 7th, 2018

Life Sentence is finally here – yay! After a long time waiting on it airing, I am happy to report that the pilot episode did not disappoint! We got introduced into the life of Stella Abbott and her family, and what it was like dealing with the fact that Stella could die any day due to her cancer. However, once Stella gets the great news that she is no longer dying and is cured from cancer, everything started to change – good and bad!

Let’s dive in to what the best moments from the episode were, shall we?

Here are the best 4 moments from the Life Sentence pilot:

#1 Learning the backstory to how Stella and Wes fell in love

The story of how Stella and Wes fell in love was cliché, but very beautiful. It is many girls dream to be whisked off their feet and fall in love with a handsome stranger, while walking the streets of the romantic city that is Paris – and that is exactly what happened with Stella. After Stella completed chemotherapy, her parents scraped enough money together to send her to Paris, so she could finally experience what love was really like. Luckily for her, she bumped into the insanely good looking Wes, and from that day on, they became inseparable. The two got married, and they lived an insanely happy life as they never knew when would be Stella’s last day on earth. However, once Stella found out she was cured, things in their marriage started to change …

#2 Stella and Wes making up, after they realized they did not actually know each other as well as they thought

Throughout Stella and Wes’ whole relationship, Wes essentially revolved their whole relationship around Stella and her happiness – after all, she was dying of cancer. However, once Stella found out she was no longer dying, she noticed things started to change in their marriage: Wes started to be more distant, the sex wasn’t as magical as it once was, and much more.

Stella decided to confront Wes about what was wrong, and as it turns out, nearly everything she was once knew about him was a lie: he did want kids, his favorite movie wasn’t Love Actually, he didn’t like boiled eggs, and the list goes on .

Basically Wes just said certain things to ensure that Stella lived the happiest life she possibly could while she was still alive, even if that meant he had to lie at the time. You can understand why he would do that, right? However, now that Stella was going to live, the facade could not be kept up and the couple had to finally be who they truly are around each other.

Stella struggled to deal with these new revelations and felt like that maybe she wouldn’t be able to forgive Wes. Luckily, Stella made a new friend Sadie, at the hospital, after she ran away there to deal with her problems alone (and drink copious amounts of wine). Sadie is a cancer patient, just like Stella once was, and after having a chat with her, she realized that Wes was the one person she could count on. Talk about good timing, but after she decided to leave the hospital, Stella bumped into Wes, and well, you could say the pair definitely made up. Stella and Wes talked honestly (after a quick sexy time session) and decided that despite their new worries they should get to know the real them and deal with the new struggles that come their way together.

#3 Stella finding out the the truth about her family and the lies they kept

Wes wasn’t the only one who had been lying to Stella to keep her happy, turns out her whole family was, and they were a mess (behind the scenes). As soon as Stella got the ‘all clear’, she found out some hard truths: Stella’s parents were having serious marriage problems; the family had money issues; Stella’s mum left her husband for Poppy (Stella’s God mother); and Stella’s sister, Elizabeth, was unhappy with her life and regretted having children early just to have something good in their families lives.

With all these new revelations, Stella found it hard to deal with the fact that for 8 years of her life, everyone around her lied to keep her happy and make her life with cancer as easy as possible. Despite it being incredibly sad that only now the family could be truthful around Stella, it was still a good moment for Stella to learn that life isn’t all that is seems and now that she is going to live, she will soon have to learn the harsh realities of life. Stella girl, you are strong, and you will survive whatever life throws at you – after all, you did survive cancer!

#4 Stella getting her first ever job

After Stella discovered that her family were having serious money issues, she knew that she could no longer take pay-outs from her parents since she no longer was dying. It was great moment to see her step up and help out after all they had done for her. Even though it wasn’t a great job, Stella still took up the job and finally learned what it was like to work in the real life. Kinda sucks, right? She even turned down college which was a big thing, as maybe many other people would have wanted to pursue that route if they knew they had the rest of their lives to live.

Each week I’m going to post my favorite quote from the episode. This week, it goes to Stella’s brother, Aiden. He gave Stella some great advice when she was worried about what life would bring now that she no longer has to live like she is dying:

“You bet uncertain death, I think you can figure out how to handle uncertain life” – Aiden Abbott

Nádej k Bailey, who plays Sadie Carter (who was introduced at the end of the episode), kindly shared some behind the scene pics from the pilot with us. Check them out below!

Thanks again Nádej! (If you want to know more about Nádej, have a read of the interview we previously did with her, here!)

Lastly, I would love to know, what would you do with your life if you found out you were no longer dying? Share your thoughts with me! 

What did you think about the pilot of Life Sentence? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all Life Sentence news and posts here!

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Life Sentence airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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