‘Gotham’ recap: 4×13, “A Beautiful Darkness”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 13, “A Beautiful Darkness,” Aired March 8, 2018

“Make me laugh.”

I know a lot of people have been waiting for Jerome’s return, so here it is! With his return, he brings humiliation,  spork threats, and miming. So, yeah, I laughed. Fitting for Jerome, who I still feel like is a red herring Joker, but he’s great nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Ivy runs all over the town, turning everyone she encounters into a mindless zombie who’s in love with her. The only two people not hypnotized are Selina and Jim Gordon, who team up to stop her. And things are never simple in Gotham.

So with the basics covered, let’s get into the details.

“Enjoy your shrubs”

Gotham 4x13 recap A Beautiful Darkness Ivy's new powers

Ivy shows off her new powers, attacking people who “torture plants” at Wayne Enterprises. She brings Selina along, but it turns out Selina is not down with murder. So Ivy is on her own to go after Bruce Wayne, whose company is responsible for the plant torturing.

After getting Bruce to tell her about Project M, Ivy goes to the GCPD to find Lucius Fox, who knows the location of said project. She hypnotizes the entire GCPD (except Jim Gordon, of course) to worship her, and when Jim and Selina go after Ivy, the police department has her back. It wouldn’t quite be Gotham if things were easy for Jim.

But Lucius comes through and leads Jim to the site. However, Ivy planned for that, and she traded the antidote to her powers for her freedom. So, of course, Jim chose to save Bruce instead.

Trippy realization

After Ivy cuts him, Bruce has a hallucination as the toxin attacks him. It starts with Ra’s al Ghul ripping Bruce’s face off, followed by a Gatsby-esque party featuring hilarious versions of the show’s other characters.

Gotham 4x13 recap A Beautiful Darkness Bruce hallucination Jim Gordon and Barbara Keane

The most important part of the hallucination is when Bruce follows a masked man in all black. And, yes, this man in costume bears a strong resemblance to a bat. Bruce identifies this man as himself, and this man takes Bruce to a cave where he encounters, you guessed it, actual bats.

And that’s when he wakes up. The frustration is real. We were so close!

On the bright side, Bruce does some serious thinking about that man and calls up Alfred. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

“Try laughing now, you ginger snap”

Gotham 4x13 recap A Beautiful Darkness Penguin vs Jerome

You know, the food at Arkham really doesn’t look half bad.

But more importantly, Jerome makes it his mission to bring out the Penguin in Oswald after six weeks of the man doing nothing but moping. On Jerome’s orders, Oswald is humiliated and beaten. However, that doesn’t break him.

Gotham 4x13 recap A Beautiful Darkness Oswald is humiliated by Jerome

What finally gets to Oswald is a visit from his old friend, Ed Nygma, who’s alter ego gives Oswald the first clue for his escape.

After the reemergence of the Penguin, Oswald confronts Jerome in an extremely comical fight scene. Smell that? Smells like the beginning of a new, very tentative alliance.

Gotham 4x13 recap A Beautiful Darkness Jerome and Oswald team up

Lucius Fox: A moment of appreciation

Gotham 4x13 recap A Beautiful Darkness Lucius Fox appreciation

Lucius Fox deserves so much love. He’s clever. He’s loyal. He genuinely cares about Bruce and Jim. And he’s the only reason Jim Gordon was able to get to Ivy and save Bruce. He anticipated Ivy’s hypnosis and was able to leave a trail for Jim to follow. Ivy may have gotten away by being clever, but Bruce was saved. Everyone owes Lucius big time.


Next week looks tense. The preview shows Bruce getting rejected by Alfred, Ivy showing off her new powers some more, and lots and lots of fight scenes. I’d like to see more of Sofia using Lee to hurt Jim, which we only got a tiny glimpse of this week, and I’d love to see more of the Riddler’s return. Next week might be another one for reunions, as the preview has Alfred and Harvey joining in on the action. Buckle up, Gothamites. We’re in for a bumpy ride.

Next week:

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