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‘The Bachelor’: 6 Top Moments from After the Final Rose

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 11, Aired March 6, 2018

If you watched The Bachelor After the Final Rose last night, you probably still have your mouth open. Several of the ladies were back, as was Becca, to give Arie a piece of their minds. We also got to see how it all played out when Arie went back to Lauren after dumping Becca. Not to mention, the new Bachelorette was revealed. We’ve got the 6 top moments from the final episode of season 22 for you!

The Bachelor
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#1. Bekah M. needs her own show!

Bekah is definitely no holds barred right now where Arie is concerned. She doesn’t care what she says or who hears it. While Kendall was being super positive about the way things went down, Bekah couldn’t bring herself to do that. She said that she hoped Lauren got away from Arie as fast as possible. She finds him to be extremely manipulative and downright shady! Tell us how you really feel, Bekah!

#2. How long did Lauren know?

When Arie got to Lauren’s house in Virginia Beach after breaking things off with Becca, he seemed to have a panic attack. At least that’s what he said it was. However, we find out that Arie has been talking to Lauren since New Year’s Eve. Tia was with Lauren when she got a message from Arie. Also, when Arie finally goes to do the door Lauren greets him with a huge hug. She takes him back without much hesitation. Considering it seems Arie has been planning this and she knew about it, we’re not surprised.

The Bachelor
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#3. Becca has questions.

If you talk to Arie, he says that Becca knew about his feelings for Lauren all along. If you talk to Becca, she feels blindsided. From what we saw play out on TV we’d have to side with Becca. She knew the break-up with Lauren was hard but she had no idea that Arie was going to leave her for the runner-up. She asks Arie why he proposed if he wasn’t fully committed to her. Arie says that was a mistake on his part. You think?

#4. Lauren has her blinders on.

Lauren tells Chris Harrison that she absolutely trusts Arie with her heart. Even after everything that happened. She does confess that she didn’t watch the finale of the show. She and Arie were together and decided not to watch. Maybe if she had seen what Arie actually did to Becca she’d feel differently. Lauren feels like Arie couldn’t have done things in a more respectful way. Oh, no she didn’t! Only someone who didn’t watch Arie torture Becca on camera would think that! We can’t even with Lauren right now!

The Bachelor
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#5. Arie proposes more than Ross on Friends!

So you end things with one girl only to propose to another? How tacky can you be? Your ex-fiance is backstage! Arie and Lauren both seem oblivious to Becca or her feelings. The other ladies from the show say that they have nothing but love for Lauren, but couldn’t homegirl have called up Becca and let her know that Arie was whispering sweet nothings into her DM’s? Arie had to make sure that Lauren would take him back before he ended things with Becca. Heaven forbid he end up alone!

#6. The next Bachelorette!

Possibly the best thing to come out of this whole mess is Becca being named as the next Bachelorette!  Becca definitely handled the break-up with Arie with more class and dignity than any woman should. She should have taken off her shoe and hit him with it! Arie deserved that and then some! Becca thinks the experience only made her better and wants Arie and Lauren to both be happy. Becca will start her quest for her own happiness on May 28th and we’ll definitely be watching!

The Bachelor
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What did you think of this episode of The Bachelor? The season definitely had its ups and downs. It was one of the more controversial seasons in recent times and has probably left Arie has the most hated bachelor in the show’s history. Even Chris Harrison stopped trying to make excuses for him! Tweet us your thoughts at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

The Bachelorette begins Monday, May 28, 2018, at 8/7c on ABC.

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