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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×13 “No Country for Old Dads”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “No Country for Old Dads,” Aired March 5, 2018.

I am just going to say it, ” I am a fan of Nora Dahrk.” There, its out in the open! I also ship her and Ray. Someone start developing ship names. Remember, we do not know what thought made her activate her totem!

Speaking of totem, let’s get to it!

1. The Fire Totem



Nora and Damien kidnap Ray. They need him to figure out a way to rebuild the fire totem. He tells them they need cold fusion, but it does not exist. Damien begs to differ. It turns out in 1962 Berlin a young Damien killed the inventor of cold fusion.

Nora and Ray must go back in time and save the inventor from, well young Damien. Why doesn’t Damien go? He can’t run into his old self. Also, Nora wants to prove to him she can handle it on her own. Ray is in the weirdest kidnapping. 

2. Rip and Wally return.

The CW

The day after last episode the Waverider is a buzz. Not because of Ray, but because Ava spent the night. Yes, you heard me. Ava spent the night. All #AvaLance shippers rejoice! After Sara, Ava, and Zari’s awkward conversation, everyone finds out that Ray is missing.

  • All of the sudden Rip and Wally appear on the ship.
  • Mic and Nate go and look for Ray through time.
  • Amaya, Wally, and Zari go on a vision quest to find Amaya’s totem.

Everyone works together in search of Ray. Sara is extremely concerned. Ava comforts her and yes, we get another kiss. One Rip sees, yet he remains quiet. (This is important later. We will get back to it.)

3. The Vision Quest bares bad news.


Wally sets up the room for Amaya and Zari. They begin their vision quest. Spoiler alert, it does not end well!

I want to take a moment to comment on how on point the story has been this season. The writers are clear and consistent in their plot. I love that they have a main, new, big bad. Although I am over Damien at this point, he and Nora’s relationship is interesting. Anyways, I digress.

Zari runs into her ancestor and learns a few things.

  1. Mollus is slowly taking over the spirit world. Damien and Nora’s anachronism are breaching a hole in time. Mollus is trying to use this to break out of his prison.
  2. Amaya and Zari will need the water witch to help Mollus. Amaya needs to work on bringing her granddaughter back to the fold.
  3. If Mollus escapes all of time will crumble in on itself.

4. Ray saves himself.

This is the first episode I have been really proud of Ray. I like Ray. He just seems to get the weakest storylines. This episode he go to stand out in front and shine. I knew he could! Ray being as sweet as he is, was able to keep himself alive.

He helped Nora realize that she doesn’t have to stand in her father’s shadow. He made Damien realize he needs to tell Nora how he feels. All in all Ray really helped the Dahrk’s this episode. Palmer must have struck a nerve with Damien, because he didn’t kill him. Progress.

Ray couldn’t save the inventor of cold fusion, but he did get the formula from him. Even better, he didn’t let the Dahrk’s have it. At the last second Wally swooped in and grabbed Ray and the shattered fire totem.

5. Wally joins the Legends.


Wally’s good work did not go unnoticed. He helped get Ray back and stole the fire totem. Sara extends and invitation to him to join. At first he is hesitant. Only Nate and Ray like Wally. Sara informs him on how everyone else joined the team.

  • Amaya beat everyone up.
  • Zari tricked them all into a heist.
  • Mick betrayed them about 10 times over.

“We are kind of the all-stars of bad first impressions.”

That is so true Sara, so true.

What did you think of tonight’s episode. Are you excited about Wally? Do you ship Nora and Ray? Until next time!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 EST on The CW.

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