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‘Arrow’ recap: 6×14 “Collision Course”

Arrow recap: Season 6, Episode 14 “Collision Course” aired Mar 1st, 2018.

Arrow is back! Yay, right? Well, not exactly. We aren’t thrilled with this episode, or with Arrow‘s general direction lately. Let’s discuss what went down this week, and why exactly Arrow‘s recent episodes have failed to impress.


Arrow has irrevocably destroyed Curtis, Dinah, and Rene

There’s really no going back now. All three have been out of character lately, but “Collision Course” was the peak of this NTA insanity. Here’s why:

Curtis: The once kind and violence-opposed Mr. Terrific is now alright with causing Diggle physical pain in order to track him. He’s okay with taking advantage of Diggle’s tremor, and Diggle’s trust in him, to further his own team’s plans. What? Who’s to say he won’t take advantage of Felicity’s paralysis? This opens up a messy door that reflects terribly on Curtis no matter how you look at it.

Dinah: Once defined by her allegiance to justice, Dinah is now so blinded by the desire for revenge that she is willing to sacrifice an entire city’s well being for it. Not to mention, she’s driven by a desire to murder. Dinah Drake of the comics would never.

Rene: The least guilty as of late, Rene still has a lot to be ashamed of. His initial betrayal of Team Arrow was justifiable; anything for his daughter. But the rest of it? His complete disloyalty to those who gave him purpose? His willingness to go along with Curtis and Dinah’s actions? Inexcusable.

There’s honestly not much that can be done for the NTA now. Arrow would do well to completely scrap the storyline. Push these three out and start fresh with the original team. The six vigilantes will never work as a team again. And if they do, Arrow will have exceeded the limits of realism in the eyes of their audience (and that’s saying something, considering how many times we’ve accepted resurrections!)


Is there hope for Black Siren?

This is a touchy subject in the world of Arrow fandom. Some fans will defend Earth 2 Laurel with their dying breath. Others see her storyline as a useless waste of screentime. We fall somewhere in the middle. Although it would be amazing to have Laurel Lance back on Arrow, this extended toying with the idea of redemption has grown stale. Arrow has got to commit. Make Black Siren the victim of mind control, a kidnapped Earth-1 Laurel, a redeemed hero, whatever – just commit. And if they can’t do that, move on. They cannot continue to straddle the line between empathy and antagonism for Black Siren. It’s not working.

An unfortunate side effect of Laurel’s storyline has been its effect on Quentin’s characterization. It’s hard to believe that the same man who looked a resurrected Sara Lance in the eyes and insisted she was not his daughter would go to such great length for someone who merely looks like Laurel. It’s out of character, and it’s unfair to Quentin.


Now, for the good

Felicity’s relationship with new step-son William continues to be a highlight in these otherwise dark times. Felicity and William’s physics and chemistry lesson turned cookie baking fun was adorable.

As much as we despise this NTA drama, it has allowed the OTA to flourish, and for that we are thankful. (Seriously, just get rid of the new guys – the OTA is clearly sustainable on its own!)

Thea, as always, is a fantastic addition to the line-up. Any episode that features her heavily earns a few extra points in our book.


Where things end up

Black Siren has escaped (again.) Dinah (after a lecture from Curtis) refrained from killing her. So it seems some lessons have been learned, at least. Rene is in the hospital, but Curtis assures Dinah that as soon as he’s in the clear, they will find and arrest Laurel.

Speaking of Laurel, she shows up in the final moments claiming to have been kidnapped for two years. So, she’s our Laurel? Or she’s Earth-2 Laurel faking it? The whole thing is very confusing.

Oliver has to inform the city that the funds have not been recovered, and that he has ‘failed this city.’

Curtis tells Felicity and Diggle that the NTA is done with the OTA forever. Which poses a bit of a problem, since Felicity and Curtis co-own a company.

What do you think? Is it the real Laurel? What will happen to the tech start-up? Where can Mayor Queen go from here? Comment below!

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