‘Gotham’ spring premiere recap: 4×12, “Pieces of a Broken Mirror”

Gotham spring premiere recap: Season 4, Episode 12, “Pieces of a Broken Mirror,” Aired March 1, 2018

Welcome back, Gothamites! It’s been a while. Isn’t it so nice to have Gotham back on our TVs Thursday nights?!

The Gotham spring premiere was full of reunions, which I think served as the perfect return for the show after months of hiatus. This episode picked up right where the show left off before the break. I’ll let you know before we get into it that those Jerome and Penguin scenes Fox kept teasing us with are not in this episode. However, I think the episode was pretty great as it is. With that, let’s see what’s going on in Gotham!

Ivy’s back!

Remember way back at the beginning of the season when Ivy took all those dangerous substances? Well, she’s back. She is awoken by druggies from some sort of incubator-ish plant to find that she has some “extraordinary” powers. After wandering around for a bit, she puts on a tight, sparkly dress, making her look like the Poison Ivy we expect from the movies and comics. But one thing hasn’t changed: She still just wants to be taken seriously.

What’s even better about Ivy’s return is her reunion with Selina. Ivy shows her old friend her new powers, and then the two of them team up to take on Gotham together!

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror Poison Ivy and Selina

The Sirens

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror The Sirens

The Sirens of Gotham are still just as fabulous, and they’ve opened “The Siren Club, where ladies drink for free and men… don’t.” Basically, the three of them are gorgeous and amazing and running a very successful business.
Without Alfred, Bruce spends his nights there, a woman on each arm, and Selina is not impressed. Bruce is still an idiot, and he needs to get his act together. Does anyone actually like this teenage partying act?

In a roller coaster of a scene, Tabby and Grundy get some quality time, and Grundy remembers his life as Butch! That scene went from adorable declarations of love to a heart-wrenching goodbye that wasn’t necessarily special but hurt all the same. I’m still rooting for them.

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror Tabby and Butch

Life after butler-ing

Last time we saw Alfred was right after he had been fired by the teenage angst bomb that is Bruce Wayne. Now he’s living around the Narrows and playing hero when he gets the chance. He runs into burning buildings and saves girls from their abusive boyfriends.

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror Alfred plays hero

He also gets framed for crimes. When said boyfriend snags Alfred’s ring when it falls to the ground, he kills his girlfriend and leaves the ring for evidence. Of course, it’s Alfred, so he seeks out justice. He finds the boyfriend in a bar and gets into a fight with him and his posse. More on how that goes a little later…

In the Narrows…

Lee is stepping up and taking charge! She is finally taking her place as leader of the Narrows after Cherry’s death, only to be delayed by an attack by the Toymaker.

After the community recovers from the attack, she makes her first real appearance as the new leader of a united Narrows, and she finds that Jim is in attendance for her big moment. After giving the motivational speech of her life, she takes a moment to catch up with her ex. It’s sufficiently awkward, especially with Nygma standing there the whole time.

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror Lee Thompkins leads the Narrows

But overall, Lee is a natural leader, and it looks good on her!

The Toymaker

You have to love a villain that takes innocent toys and turns them into murder weapons. Ah, the Toymaker.

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror Nygma and Jim and Lee in the Narrows

After failing to kill Lee once, the Toymaker arrives at Cherry’s just in time to get Nygma alone, which is who he’s been looking for the whole time. Looks like Ed hasn’t gotten rid of The Riddler. His villain persona hired the Toymaker to kill Lee, and Ed didn’t remember a thing. So who really has control: Ed or The Riddler?

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror The Riddler Ed Nygma

I didn’t see this coming!

Gotham spring premiere 4x12 Pieces of a Broken Mirror Harvey Bullock to the rescue

Harvey to the rescue! After getting into a fight with the man who framed him, Alfred is saved by Harvey himself. Things have changed a tad though. He’s still got that talent for one-liners, but he’s a bartender now.  He claims its because he can drink and ignore people, and that sounds like typical Harvey.

Sadly, the reunion between Harvey and Jim is a bit rocky. Harvey isn’t quite ready to forgive Jim yet, so Jim leaves just as lonely as when he walked into that bar. I’m just going to keep holding out hope that my favorite bromance will return before the end of the season.


That’s it for the Gotham spring premiere! Next week has the return of Jerome and the Penguin. Ever since the winter finale, we’ve been teased with clips and photos of Jerome and Penguin at Arkham, so that’s a plot we can look forward to next week. And interestingly, it’s a Bruce interaction with actual bats – one step closer to Batman! Maybe that will snap him out of his teenage rebellion phase. It feels so good to say this – see you next week, Gotham fans!

Next week:

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Gotham airs Thursday nights on FOX at 8/7c.

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