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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×11: 8 HUGE moments

Agents of SHIELD 5×11 recap, Season 5, Episode 11, “All the Comforts of Home,” Aired March 2, 2018

The Agents are back and it was a crazy episode! After an entire season in a spacey future, the team has finally made it back to Earth and in the correct time. In any other show, that would be a big sigh of relief but not on Agents of SHIELD. They may have made it home, but their battle has just begun. So much went down, but we are going to break down 8 HUGE moments that left our jaws on the floor!

#1 Ruby! Finally, after so many months of wondering, we got to meet Dove Cameron’s character. She is a feisty teen with impeccable taste in posters. She is the daughter of General Hale, and as we learn – Ruby’s got a dark side

#2 More Monoliths? The crazy, giant rocks that have periodically sucked up our team and spat them out into various places in space and time are just chillin’ in the lighthouse. That can’t be good.

#3 DEKE! We thought for sure that the snarky, self serving space dude was a goner, but he just zapped into the real world and hugged a tree! Deke was born in space so he has never been outside or experience anything. So what is a space lad to do? He heads to the bar and drinks some Zimas and eats a burger, but can’t pay so he gets arrested. Not good. But don’t worry, Daisy to the rescue!

#4 Betrayal! The team went to check out the beacon that they fear will start the end of the world and they encounter one of the SHIELD agents, Piper. Only she isn’t with the Agents anymore, she is working with General Hale. She calls in General Hale’s team and things go south.

#5 Yo-Yo! OMFG! During the raid on the Agents, a group of masked people enter to take them out. The leader of the group orders them to kill the Agents. There is some fighting and in the scuffle, Yo-Yo’s arms are cut off – much like her future self. NOOOOO!

#6 RUBY IS THE LEADER! She isn’t just the daughter of Hale, she is a weapon that they keep locked up and that they set loose to do their bidding. RUBY CUT OFF YO-YO’s ARMS!

#7 The Beacon goes boom. The beacon that General Hale used to lure the Agents to that spot gets hot and explodes! We are beyond clueless about what the f*ck is happening right now.

We are still freaking out and we know that next week is only going to be bigger and crazier to celebrate the 100th episode! AHHHHHH! What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments and let us know!

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays on ABC.

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