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Best of ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 6: Weddings, engagements, angst, oh my!

If we are being totally honest, season 6 wasn’t my favorite ever, but it still had some pretty great episodes. Also, we got two Captain Swan engagements and a wedding, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. It is also the last season where the original cast was together. Well, that makes me feel nostalgic. Once again, I apologize because a lot of this is going to be Captain Swan centric. WHOOPS. (I’m not really sorry about this.) Also, made my own gifs, so feeling pretty proud…

“The Song in Your Heart” 6×20


I dare you to watch this episode without shedding some kind of tear. Because it’s impossible not to tear up during this episode. What better way to commemorate a ship like Captain Swan than making their wedding episode an actual musical? The answer is there is no better way. Plus, Emma’s song revealed that her parents were always with her, even though she didn’t know was amazing.

I was admittedly hesitant about the concept of a musical episode, but at the same time, it needed to happen. Once Upon a Time is the perfect series to incorporate a musical episode in, and it did not disappoint. From “Revenge is Going To Be Mine,” aka my jam, to “Powerful Magic,” to “A Happy Beginning,” all of the songs were creative and fit perfectly to the characters. And Emma and Killian got to join together through marriage, which I was waiting for since FOREVER. Still slightly bitter they didn’t get married on the Jolly Roger, but I’m not going to go there. HENRY.

“The Other Shoe” 6×03


It was this episode that the magic happened. And by magic, I am referring to Emma asking Hook to move in with her. Finally! I mean, it took forever. “I bet I can make some room for some black leather…” was really the line that got me. It was an exciting time for Captain Swan shippers because it really cemented their relationship. Not that it wasn’t already, but by Emma asking him, that made it more monumental.

I also liked seeing Ashley again. After season 1, her character kind of faded into the background. Her backstory was really interesting—finding out that she wasn’t as innocent as all assumed she was. I also liked how Emma teamed up with her to help Ashley in that episode. Also, the part where Killian says “my Emma,” I wanted to scream and fall off my bed. That scene with Killian and Ashley’s daughter too…my heart was exploding. SO FREAKING CUTE. That is when we knew they were meant to have a baby.

“Awake” 6×17


EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS EPISODE, YES. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, I have never been the biggest Snowing fan ever. They were cute and sweet, but they’ve never appealed to me. However, this episode was just off the charts wonderful. We all know they’ve struggled with the fact that they had to send Emma through the tree. The scene where they looked through the magical doorway to see little Emma literally felt like Regina ripped my heart from my chest. I mean, Charming’s face was enough to reduce someone to tears.

Strangely enough, it was cool to see Neverland again. Even cooler was Tiger Lily’s involvement in Killian’s story line to get back to Emma. Because, you know, Blackbeard bested him. That jerk. Snow sacrificed the magic that would awaken both Charming and her to save Killian. After Killian’s shadow came to Storybrooke…how powerful was that moment? Even in shadow form, Emma and Killian’s pull to one another is so freaking strong. So with her mother’s help, she went to Neverland to save Killian from those rambunctious lost boys. As soon as they got back to Storybrooke, Killian went down on his knee again to propose. The second engagement was even better than the first, with promises to always be by her side. OTP of the century.

“Murder Most Foul” 6x 12


This episode both tore me apart and really had me intrigued. We also got a Captain Charming team up, which was a long time coming. Sure, they’ve had those in the past, but this time, they did it as friends. Even if the end result was a little less than pleasant. They teamed up to find out who killed Charming’s father, and just as Charming was about to kill King George, Killian intervened. He talked him out of it, and it was just so great to see that Charming really responded to Killian’s words. Their relationship was always rocky, so that was just a development between characters to end all developments.

We can’t forget that this episode was also the one where Charming gave Killian his blessing to marry Emma. He shipped it so hard. He pretends he didn’t, but he SO did. There were also a lot of really cute Captain Swan scenes. Including, “I just really need to kiss you,” which not going to lie, I am almost positive my dorm neighbors heard me screaming. It was just so dang cute. And then the end scene where Emma runs outside to Killian’s arrival to tell him she missed him. Like she saw him hours before, but no complaints here. I’m just going to pretend the ending scene with August giving Killian those pages (you know the ones) never happened. It’s happier that way.

A special shout out to “Dark Waters” and “Where Blue Birds Fly” (Captain Swan pancakes!!!). Season 6, not going to lie, was not my favorite, but there were some monumental episodes for all the characters.  What was your favorite episode? Sound off below or send me a tweet!

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