‘The Resident’ recap 1×05 “None the Wiser”

The Resident recap, Season 1, Episode 5, “None the Wiser”, Aired February 26th, 2018

We had three important patients this week. Our first is Ed, who’s sure he has cancer. Thankfully, he doesn’t. But what he does have is an atrophied testicle. The treatment is removal, which Ed isn’t too excited about. The next is Christine. She has an aneurysm, no health insurance, and no time. Then we have York. A hard working professor with a special type of problem. York has a habit of shoving things in his rectum. This time it’s a syrup bottle. Yikes. These cases come to be important as the hospital decides to schedule multiple surgeries at the same time to make more money.

The Resident recap 1x05

No end in sight

Nic brings the pictures she took from Lane’s clinic to Conrad’s attention. But he still doesn’t seem apt to believe anything shady about Lane. We’re right there with Conrad in understanding his loyalty, but we’re with Nic too. She’s clearly seeing things that aren’t right. Add in her concern for one of their favorite patients, Lily, and you’ve got some extremely invested hospital staff. While we love Nic’s compassion, we couldn’t expect Lane to just let things slide for long. Not only does Lane confront Nic, but she pulls her off Lily’s future care. She also makes a pretty clear threat that bad things will happen to Nic if she continues the road she’s on. Oh, boy.

The Resident recap 1x05

Bell seems to really be struggling with whatever has been going on with him. As usual, he lets his asshole tendencies take running control of himself. While he doesn’t seem to completely agree with the hospital doing multiple surgeries at the same time, he certainly doesn’t attempt to protest too much. He’s the damn chief of surgery, you would think he would use his power to do what’s necessary. But, we should have known that was too much to ask from him.

Taking the Fall

Naturally, when everything in the operating rooms goes to complete and utter shit, it’s Mina who is left to take the blame. The hospital seems to feel they did their duty to the patient’s and they saved some money in the process. That’s all that matters, right? While we know this is a television show and doesn’t reflect how a hospital actually runs, we are left cringing at how this staff feels about their patients. Walking bags of cash is all they seem to say. Thank goodness the staff don’t seem to feel the same way. Well, most of them.

The Resident recap 1x05

Poor Mina has been forced to run around like a headless chicken. This leads to confusion. Confusion leads to mistakes. Which is exactly what kept happening. Mina was under the direct orders of Bell and did things exactly as she was supposed to. Bell kept ordering Mina to go from operating room to operating room. But we know that if Mina had defied Bell’s orders and refused to jump from one room to another, she still would have ended up in hot water. The only thing Bell did right this week, was defend Mina.

Operating disasters

When it came time for Mina to operate on Ed, Mina removes the wrong testicle. So the kids that Ed and his new wife planned on having together, no longer seems to be a possibility. Doctor Bell thinks he can come in and just apologize for the mix up like it’s no big deal. From the looks of things, he can.

The Resident recap 1x05

It’s decided that Christina will need surgery to deal with her aneurysm as well. But their timetable gets sped up when it bursts. Naturally, this happens while the other two surgeries are already underway. So of course thing are about to go from bad to crazy and dangerous. When things continue to go wrong for Christina, it seems that the only person able to continue the surgery is Mina. Of course. While it’s pretty clear that Mina knows it’s a bad idea for her to do the surgery, Bell tells her she has to. That’s an order. So, left without a choice, Mina does perform the surgery. But Christina’s problem is left unable to be fixed.

The Resident recap 1x05

When York is taken into surgery and it doesn’t fare much better than the other two. The resident performing the surgery to remove the top of the syrup bottle is over tired. His exhaustion leads him to pass out mid surgery. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he was also holding York’s colon in his hand. Damn.

The Resident recap 1x05

We’ll go down with this ship

On the happier side of things, there does seem to be some type of progress happening between Conrad and Nic. She is finally able to get him to open up a bit about his father and why he resents him so much. Something that is clearly going to come up shortly, as Conrad’s father was our argumentative donor in the beginning. We’re sensing some trouble on that front. The other trouble is that Nic does stick up for Jude and also seems to leave the hospital with him as well. But the look in Conrad’s eyes has us confidently convinced that he won’t be letting her go without a fight. We’re backing you, Conrad! Get your girl!

The Resident recap 1x05

Will Conrad be able to convince Nic he’s serious about her? What is Bell going to do about his worsening condition? How many more mistakes is this hospital going to make just to make more money? What’s going to happen with Conrad’s father? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch The Resident Mondays at 9/8c on FOX, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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