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‘The Flash’ recap – 4×14 “Subject 9”

The Flash episode “Subject 9” aired 27 February 2018.

Really? I’m sure The Flash can come up with something more creative than “Subject 9”. Then again, it took 40 minutes before we named this week’s new meta. The naming powers are not with us this week.

Anyway, welcome back! Barry is a free man and it was great seeing him in his red suit again. Clifford is in Becky Sharpe’s body and is after all the bus metas, Ralph included. Cecile can read minds and still, somehow NO ONE has realised this is their most valuable asset against the Thinker.

Ralph has been keeping up his “alive DeVoe” act. However, Central City has some pretty smart citizens who aren’t all ready to believe that is actually DeVoe, live and well. Captain Singh has been forced to put Barry on indefinite leave. Well, he could use the time to fight the Thinker anyway.

Something bad about to happen

Ralph (this guy has LOADS of free time, apparently) gets his hands on the lost and found box from The Fateful Bus. They find a CD labelled by one Izzy Bowen, an aspiring country musician and violinist. They find Izzy pretty fast but she’s obviously skeptical when two random guys tell her to “come with us”. Don’t try to be a salesman, Barry. Just don’t.

Undeterred, the men go back after her, this time in their superhero garb. And they bring Vibe too, because of course three strange men are more likely to convince a girl to follow them.

Becky-Clifford shows up too. He’s desperate to find the next meta his body is deteriorating at an exponential rate. Absorbing too much meta-powers (and hence dark energy) is not healthy. Neither is transferring your consciousness too many times. Surprisingly, Izzy fires off a hard-hitting soundwave blast that knocks Becky-Clifford down. Marlize quickly removes her husband before Izzy can do worse.

Barry wants to train Izzy to fight because she has gotten closest to taking out DeVoe. He continues with his terrible salesmanship by REMOVING HIS FLASH MASK as if that will convince her to join the team. You’re a smart guy, Barry, stop revealing your identity to every damn body. Ralph volunteers to give Izzy the inspirational pep talk, and the two have a connection or something.

Amazing weirdos

Being bored and unemployed apparently turns Barry into an impatient ass. He pushes Izzy too hard in training which results in a ceramic fragment getting embedded in her arm. (Or she pulled a muscle? It wasn’t very clear.) A pissed Izzy leaves.

the flash izzy bowen
image: the CW

While Iris calls Barry out for being a hardass, Cecile tells Harry off for his childish tantrums. The Earth 2 dweller offered to build her a device to block out Joe’s dreams so the DA can sleep at night. The first prototype was too bulky and heavy, and Harry started throwing stuff because of some negative feedback. These West women aren’t tolerating any shit.

Harry builds a more acceptably-sized “mental activity dampener” and apologises for his behaviour. He admits he is trying to “befriend” more people his age hence trying to help Cecile (who he insists on calling ‘DA Cecile Horton’). As he explains the M.A.D. to her, he finds a way to potentially stop DeVoe. The M.A.D. can be recalibrated to stop DeVoe from using his mental powers! He renames it the cerebral inhibitor, which Savitar had mentioned.

Not that easy

Izzy goes after DeVoe herself. DeVoe can sense Cisco vibing their location and mentally punches him. Caitlin chooses to nurse him, which leaves Barry and Ralph to find Izzy themselves. Um, I don’t think it’s a good idea for Ralph to face DeVoe, seeing as DeVoe wants his body and all…

Becky-Clifford uses Hazard’s powers to snap Izzy’s violin strings so she can’t direct her powers. Although, at the start of the episode she managed to sound-blast Barry and Ralph without her violin, no? The Flash’s attempts to fight Becky-Clifford physically are futile. Ralph drops the cerebral inhibitor as he tries to sneak it onto the Thinker’s forehead. Izzy grabs it and slaps it on! Go girl!

DeVoe overrides the inhibitor with Kilgore’s tech-manipulating powers, though. He traps Izzy in a forcefield. Ralph and Barry watch helplessly as Izzy’s body is overtaken. The incident devastates Ralph, but also gives him a new conviction to take DeVoe down. He also hires Barry. Everyone take notes – networking is important in finding jobs.

Cisco figures out that the Thinkerspace is really just a pocket dimension. Like, a fold in space. Don’t think too hard about it.

Looks like we’ll have some major Barry and Cisco partnership next week. Speedster Iris is also due some time – can’t wait for that!

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(featured image: the CW)


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