‘Falling Water’ recap 2×06 “Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons”

Falling Water recap, Season 2, Episode 6, “Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons”, Aired February 10th, 2018

The dreams are getting more intense, the violence is escalating, and our anxiety levels are ramping up over the edge. But ours aren’t the only ones as Alex is finally introduced to the group and it certainly isn’t smooth sailing. Especially since they can’t seem to agree on anything. Let’s break it down!

Falling Water recap 2x06

Team player

The time has come for Taka to bring Alex to meet Burton and Tess. Naturally, things don’t go smoothly as Alex immediately begins giving Burton the verbal smackdown about Lainie. But Burton can certainly stand on his own two feet and holds his own just fine while getting his point across. Tess doesn’t seem too impressed that one more person knows about the group. We just know you and Alex will grow close, Tess! But until then, they all have to find a way to work together. Something that seems difficult as Alex and Tess really butt heads. They literally don’t agree on a single decision.


While Alex is damn good at her job and sees things that others don’t, she isn’t exactly tender. But it’s a good thing Tess is in the room as Alex makes observations about Lainie’s condition and where she’s been. We get that Alex is trying to solve the case and track down the ones who took Lainie, but we’re with Tess on this one. The slow and easy approach is probably the best. Tess proves that the maternal approach is the definite key as she’s finally able to get Lainie to trust them and open up about what happened. In listening to her story, Tess seems to get a lead and takes off, leaving Lainie and Alex alone. Well, we’re pretty sure James is still around.

Bombshells, guilt, and team ups

When Tess returns to the apartment, she drops the news on Lainie that she may be pregnant. Naturally, the young girl flips into emotional overload as she quickly goes into denial. Tess is forced to confront her own past so she can do her best to help Lainie. This seems to prompt Alex to show Tess a bit more understanding. While waiting for Lainie to take a pregnancy test, Alex lets Tess in on a few secrets of her own. The bond begins to form as the women realize they both agree on at least one thing. They will do whatever it takes to protect Lainie and the baby she is carrying.

Falling Water recap 2x06

Woody is clearly feeling remorse over his actions. But does that make up for  the actions? We’re going to say probably not. Especially since Taylor seems to sense a bit of Woody’s hesitance. But she is quick to put Woody back to work anyway. Woody isn’t  the only one being deceitful with Taylor as Bill is forced to put his own cards on the table. When he’s questioned by Taylor about Lainie, he bluffs with the best of them. Unfortunately, we know that Taylor has the best poker face around. Bill proves his loyalty pretty quickly as he reaches out to Taka and Burton as soon as Taylor leaves. Taka and Burton advise Bill to stay awake for the foreseeable future, incase Taylor sends the Shadowman after him.

Falling Water recap 2x06

Taka and Burton team up to continue the investigation while Tess and Alex stay with Lainie. Damn, are these two looking sharp as they begin digging deep into Nicholas Hull and his company. Burton certainly shows no fear as he goes head to head with his former employer. It’s an all out battle of wits and we’re placing our bets on Taka and Burton all the way. They’re one of the best BroTPs we’re lucky enough to be graced with.

That ship is sailing

Burton and Tess were at it again this week. They continue to play with our emotions and we can’t help but want more. The way Burton is so gentle and understanding with Tess and all the things that have happened to her. The hand holding had our hearts trying to escape our chests. Not only that, but the way he is with James absolutely melts our hearts. We are nothing but big piles of love goo.

Will Burton and Tess get together? Will Alex find out that she may be a dreamer too? How far will things escalate with Taylor? Will the Shadowman ever get taken down, or will his reign of terror continue? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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