‘The Good Doctor’ 1×15: “Heartfelt”

The Good Doctor 1×15 recap: Season 1, Episode 15, “Heartfelt” aired Feb. 26, 2018.

It’s felt like it’s been a while since the last episode, but thankfully, we are back. This was an interesting episode to say the least. It totally left me on edge, but that’s really nothing new. What I like about this show, is the different array or issues and portrayals. This episode certainly did not disappoint with that concept.

Spirit and heart

Shaun and Morgan are tasked with a patient whose heart is located in her ribcage, as opposed to her chest. Despite never being able to leave her home or be in crowds, Spirit, well, she has a great spirit. Seriously, I would like for her to loan me some of her free spirit, especially because I’m heading into finals week. A girl could really use it. Unfortunately, as she gears up for her surgery, it is revealed that her heart has enlarged since her last hospital visit, and they aren’t able to go through with the surgery.

Spirit demands the doctors do it, but they can’t without it being a risk to her. She breaks down, telling them she wants to be touched, and she wants to go outside of her home. This really broke me because can you imagine being a young girl who can’t have any interactions outside of her home? Let alone be touched? That would crush me.

A murderer who wants to change

In order to save a young boy’s life, the doctors need to find a liver match for him. Claire and Jared are in charge of finding one to save the boy, and eventually Claire does. However, it comes with a catch. The liver belongs to a man who has committed multiple murders. The man was a mob hitman. Some of the hospital staff question the morality of letting him be a donor, but Claire and Jared seem pretty fine with it. I don’t know, I would be a little weary. The new doctor, Dr. Park, was on the save wavelength as I was—he’s concerned. Rightly so. The little boy also has a problem with accepting it.

As the murderer goes under for the removal of his liver, he has an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. When they tell him he will not be able to go through with the donation of his liver, he gets a little riled up. And by riled up, I mean he starts shouting and trying to get out of his restraints. As they wheel him away to go back to prison, he ends up with a gun pressed to an officers head. My heart was pounding. Claire and Dr. Park try to reason with him, that he did a good thing, and he can go back to prison knowing he tried to change. However, he turns the gun on himself. Suffice to say, I didn’t expect that. The show is anything but light; however, I hadn’t been expecting such a dark ending for the guy.

Shaun’s fashion dilemma

The hospital is throwing a gala for donors, which Morgan is quick to diss. Shut up, Morgan. Nobody likes you. Can this chick just leave or something? She tells Shaun that he has to impress everyone there and to go out and buy an expensive tux. Dr. Andrews, though, advises him to just rent out a tux instead. At one point during surgery, Shaun asks Morgan if she respects him. She answers no, and I just want to punch her in her face. Why does she suck so much?

At the gala, Shaun attempts to mingle with fellow surgeons and doctors. He revealed early on that he didn’t like parties. Same, Shaun. Same. As if Dr. Andrews senses his struggle, he’s quick to assist Shaun with the conversation. I have to say, Andrews has really been striking a nerve with me lately, but this kind of redeemed him. I said kind of; don’t get so ahead of yourselves.

Thank yous and selfies

When the little boy wakes up, Claire tells him what progressed with the murderer. Even though the boy was at first apprehensive to take his liver, he’s pretty grateful that the man wanted to save his life. For whatever reason he killed himself, he did end up saving the kid’s life.

Spirit is in better spirits once she receives the surgery. (I’m sorry, you guys. I can’t resist the puns.) Turns out, there was a way to put her heart where it belonged. Shaun walks into her room to see her crowded by a bunch of her friends, finally being able to be touched. It was such a heartfelt scene.

Heartfelt? More like heart break

Jared decides it’s time to make his relationship with Claire public. I can’t be the only one who forgot about all of that, right? So, he asks her to the gala, which she happily accepts. Not without jesting about how it seems so high school. He’s trying, Claire. Give the guy a break.

They end up going together, and everything seems completely fine. They’re dancing and having a good time, and they really do make a good looking couple. But sometimes looks can be deceiving. When a slow song comes on, Jared asks Claire if she remembers it. She laughs, not recognizing the song. Suddenly he gets all offensive, telling her this was the song that played during a shift when they had their first kiss. She tells him it’s been a long day and it’s not big deal, but for him it is. He breaks up with her, telling her he loves her but she doesn’t take the intuitive to do the same. Okay, I can see both sides. Claire was really having a bad day—she saw a guy kill himself. Jared is really trying to be a good guy, and for some girls, him remembering is really endearing. What a mess.

To say this episodes was crazy would be an understatement. Can nobody be happy anymore? I just want them all to be happy. Also, I kind of want Claire and Melendez together….and of course, for Jared to find someone. What did you think of the episode? Sign off below!

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