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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×12 “The Curse of the Earth Totem”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “The Curse of the Earth Totem,” Aired February 26, 2018.

I think we can all agree there is only one thing to talk about #AvaLance. Seeing how we must discuss the rest of the episode, first, I will wait. Not long. Let’s talk pirates!

1. The Earth Totem

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The episode opens with Captain Blackbeard and his crew finding treasure. Captain finds an amulet that he places on his girlfriend’s neck. It turns out the amulet is one of the totems, the Earth totem.

According to Amaya, the totems bring out the most powerful feelings of its bearer. Blackbeard’s girlfriend is inherently destructive. The Earth wraps around her and takes over. She kills most of the Captain’s crew, including herself.

2. Wally and Rip Adventures


Rip always seems to pop back up towards the end of the season. I am not complaining of course, there are no legends without Rip Hunter. Rip goes to recruit Wally West.

Wally has been traveling the world since he left team Flash. He is trying find his place. Rip comes to recruit him and has one hell of a sales pitch.

  1. First they get drunk. (Wally uses the liquor Cisco made.)
  2. They sing karaoke.
  3. Wally steals Gary’s time watch and Rip’s jacket.

Hungover, Wally decides to take Rip up on his offer. He is going to join the Legends.

3. Captain Jiwe


Meanwhile, Amaya and Mick track down Blackbeard. He will only have audience with a worthy pirate. Mick being the good friend that he is, spreads rumors about “Captain Jiwe.” Words travel fast and now she is the talk of the town!

Blackbeard’s crew agree to join her to hunt for the amulet. While on the island they run into Damien and Nora and their fleet. Things get crazy after that!

  • Blackbeard’s girlfriend is only alive because of the totem and is a monster.
  • Everyone fights.
  • Ray shows up and shoots Nora to save Amaya. Nora is now dying.

4. Ray’s Mistake


Sweet, sweet Ray. He could not be more upset. Ray is not a killer. He races to find a cure for Nora, despite how evil she is. He finds one and seeks her out.

For some ridiculous reason Ray goes alone to see her. He offers to trade Damien the antidote for Amaya’s amulet. To Damien’s credit he throws the amulet over to him with no hesitation.

“This is my daughter. Nothing else matters.”

Of course, Ray waits to long. Nora wakes up, chokes him out and they keep him as leverage.

To be continued…

5. #AvaLance’s First Date

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I would like to state how hard it was to hold this part of the episode until the end. We have waited 12 episodes for this epic first date. It was every thing I wanted, except for one thing, “Why on Earth would you angle the kiss scene that way?!”

I am sorry I had to say it. We mostly just saw the back of Sara’s head! Let me rewind a bit.

At the beginning of the episode, Sara is waiting for someone at the restaurant. Based off of the promos we all assumed it was Ava. Luckily we were right! Ava and Sara are on their first date!

At the end of the episode they kiss! That’s right my friends, #AvaLance is officially cannon! We can all be happy!


Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 EST on The CW.

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