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The 5 best Bonnie and Enzo scenes from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The Vampire Diaries brought many epic couples to life, some of which have remained in our memories even after the show has ended. One of which (for me), is the relationship of Bonnie and Enzo. In season 7 of TVD, Bonnie and Enzo (Bonenzo) were introduced into the show – a romance no one really saw coming. I wasn’t too keen on them at first (not going to lie), but my mind was swiftly changed and I grew to love Bonenzo and was rooting for them to have a happy ending till the very end!

We got to witness first hand Enzo wooing Bon-Bon like any decent guy should, and watched their love blossom into something downright enviable. Bonnie finally got to have the love that we all knew she truly deserved, with Enzo, and I’m glad the show allowed Bon to have that happiness (even if it was short lived due to Enzo’s death *sobs*). I have to say, Enzo sure proved himself to be a man that we all dream of (he didn’t just woo Bonnie, he wooed me too – LOL!). Weren’t Bonnie and Enzo such #CoupleGoals, right? I feel like Bonnie and Enzo didn’t get enough recognition when they were together, so I am here today to remind you about the beautiful couple they once were.

Lets take a look at the top 5 Bonnie and Enzo scenes:

#1 Bonnie and Enzo’s first date

#2 When Bonnie told Enzo that she has always wanted to be loved in the way that he loved her

#3 When Bonnie was dying and saw Elena in her head, and she and Enzo convinces Bon to wake up and survive

#4 When Bonnie risked her life to get Enzo to turn his humanity switch back on

#5 When Bonnie realized Enzo was dead

(OK, this is not a best moment but it was an important moment that needed to be mentioned as it highlighted how strong their love was for each other.)

Seems like some other fans of the show have also been expressing their appreciation of Bonnie and Enzo. I wanted more from the couple and it seems like a lot of you agree too. Take a look below at some fan tweets about Bon-Bon and Enzo:

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