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‘Once Upon a Time’ 7B wish list

Our Once Upon a Time 7b wishlist!

With the final spring premiere of Once Upon a Time airing in less than a week, we are gearing back up for the upcoming drama bound to play out in the beloved fairy tale show. But first, everyone has to have their own wish list for the second half of the season, so we’ve compiled our wishes! Let’s hope we all get to see that happy ending we’ve been along the ride for.

The curse breaking real soon


Remember how much agony we all faced when everyone was cursed in season 1 and then season 3? Yeah, well that was no fun. In fact, everyone is Hyperion Heights doesn’t seem too happy, and that’s because they’re all cursed to feel that way. I just want to see Henry reunite with his little family and realize he’s not alone. I want Rogers and Tilly to wake up, so they can have father and daughter bonding time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: this curse needs to be broken real soon! However, it wouldn’t be Once Upon a Time if it was that easy. I have no doubt it’s going to be some kind of bittersweet torture until someone, whoever it may be, breaks this curse, and everyone can go back to their original lives. Perhaps everyone moving to Storybrooke. Can you imagine how awkwardly funny it would be for Killian and Rogers to be in the same town? Lots of “bloody hells.”

A trip back to Storybrooke


I miss Storybrooke something fierce. In whatever way we would see, I just want to see it. For example, I want to see Regina and Zelena going back to recruit some of Storybrooke’s very own heroes to help them break the curse. After all, we haven’t seen the come back of Snow and Charming, so who knows what could happen. We always have Killian come to their assistance because Emma probably has her hands full with her job and child.

As I stated before, maybe this is where everyone will end up at the end of the series. That way, it comes full circle and it ends where everything began. It would be some type of sentimental plotting on the show’s part if it happened. Which I want it to. Please be canon. On another note, did you guys know the term “canon” is actually a literary term? Yeah, we fangirls and fanboys are totally on to something. Anyway.

Sabine and Jacinda opening their own food truck


One of my favorite plot lines from the first half of the season was Sabine and Jacinda teaming up to start their own business. I love nothing more than two women who are independent and business savvy. It adds a lot to the show’s progressiveness. They’ve been tinkering with it for some time now, and I want to see them open it up and it be a hit in the town. Plus, I really love Sabine’s character, so I do hope we get to see more of her. She’s fierce!

Eloise/Gothel going bye, bye


I sound like a broken record with this topic, but it’s something I would like to see. Gothel is one of the most vile villains of the series, and she doesn’t deserve a happy ending. I don’t care who it is, but I need someone to put her in her place. If it’s Rogers or Tilly, that would be cool because she was awful to the both of them. I just want her gone, and I want her gone soon. You know, her and the Black Fairy would get along great. They’re like two peas in an evil pod. I am ready for Rogers and Tilly to go full blown Chanel on her from Scream Queens. 

More Zelena and her wedding


Can you imagine the wedding between Zelena and her fiancé? It was so unexpected when she confessed she was engaged to be married in the first half of this season. You never really saw that coming. I’m sure her explaining to her fiancé that she’s actually the Wicked Witch of the West would be a scene to be seen. I can just picture it now, and oh my gosh, it would be so funny. Like “Hey, so I’m that witch from Oz. Still marry me, okay?”

I’m not condoning or defending Zelena for anything she did in her past, but I would like to see her happy. And from what we saw of her in San Fran, she did seem content with her life. I just don’t want to see her too hurt. Also, I want more of Zelena, especially her sass. That was always my favorite thing about her character.

Regina happy


Just give her some happiness!!!

Once Upon a Time returns March 2, and it’s sure to be an emotional last ride. What do you want to see in 7B? Sign off below or tweet me!

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