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Will the success of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ lead to a Storm movie?

In case you’ve been living under a Vibranium boulder, Black Panther is a box office smash and global sensation. In fact, it scored second place for Marvel’s highest-grossing opening weekend after The Avengers. The film’s box office sales aren’t predicted to slow down anytime soon either.

With the success of the newest installment of the MCU, people are wondering what comes next for T’Challa and the Wakandans. How will these characters play into Infinity War, and what can we expect from the Black Panther sequels?

Could they incorporate a reboot of X-Men’s Storm, originally played by Halle Berry and then Alexandra Shipp? Here’s why people are asking…

Spoilers from the Black Panther comics below:

Fans are already speculating what other Marvel characters may be popping up in the sequels. One favorite being thrown into the hat — Storm (Ororo). Why, you ask? It’s actually not Nakia who T’Challa marries in the comics, it’s Storm — his teenage love. They eventually get divorced, but hey, they were married for six-ish years!

Lupita Nyong’o killed it as Nakia in the film, but that character goes a route you may not have expected in the comics. Driven by jealousy and a failed plot to kill T’Challa’s ex girlfriend, she ends up being booted from Wakanda and eventually teams up with Killmonger. Yeah, that would be a little hard now after seeing the way Ryan Coogler ended Black Panther. Also, Nakia’s character was very well received, and maybe they’ll axe her comic storyline and keep her as T’Challa’s love interest. In the comics, Nakia becomes a villain known as Malice. Nyong’o herself has mentioned in interviews that she’d be down for going dark, so anything is possible!

There’s no denying that Storm plays an important part to T’Challa’s journey in the comics. What better time than now to plan a Storm solo movie? Plus, it’s still likely that Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox will go through, officially bringing X-Men into the MCU fold. Note: Comcast is back in the running, trying to snatch up Fox.

We, like many other fans, would love to see a Storm origin story! We know the MCU would do the character justice. Could she be introduced in a Black Panther sequel instead and split up T’Challa and Nakia? actually talked to Chadwick Boseman and Nyong’o about just that.

“Are you trying to break up my relationship with Nakia?” Boseman responded to’s suggestion of Storm and T’Challa’s romance. “It sounds like that’s what you’re doing right now.”

“I’m not happy to talk about this, at all! I feel very territorial,” Nyong’o said. “That’s my king! I’ve already told him, he better not have that,” Nyong’o said. “He will have a problem on his hands.”

Who would you love to see play Storm if the character gets a proper reboot treatment?


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