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‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Top 5 reasons we love Zari

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 11, “Here I Go Again,” Aired February 19, 2018.

This week featured a Zari-centric episode. Let me tell you, Tala Ashe brought it! This was hands down the best episode of the season. The range of feels in this one, is true. Let’s break down some of these epic Zari moments!

1. She will do anything for her Brother.


Zari is still quite a mystery to us. We know her brother dies in the future and she becomes a prisoner. She also has something to do with Amaya because of her amulet. Other than that, she is an unknown quantity.

This week, more was revealed about her character than any other, aside from Sara Lance of course. (Mind you, Sara had several seasons of Arrow to develop.) What did we learn? WE LOVE HER!

Zari creates a program to run different scenarios. She wants to use the program to figure out a way to save her brother, but per usual nothing goes as planned. Ms. Tomaz accidentally fries Gideon. Not for good, calm down! She finds herself stuck in a time loop.

2. Hedgehog Day


Since Zari is stuck in a time loop she decides to find the biggest nerd on the ship.

“If anyone can figure this out… Nate, definitely Nate.”

Ms. Tomaz grabs Nate and tells him the situation. She only has one hour and the ship will explode again and again. Nate tells her to find him immediately and say, “Groundhog Day.” The next time it loops, she goes to Nate.

“Nate, Nate! Hedgehog day.”

Yes it was just as hilarious as you think it would be. He looks at her with utter confusion and realizes she means, “Groundhog Day.” I love Zari’s futuristic mind. She has no idea what anything is.

3. Nate and Zari team-up.


Nate and Zari realize the only way the explosion could have happened is if someone on the team did it. They go on a quest to find out what all of the team members are hiding. Here is what they uncover:

  • Amaya wants to use the memory eraser on Nate. (They hooked up and she doesn’t want it to be awkward anymore.)
  • Mick is writing a sci-fi romance.
  • Sara sneaks off to the jump ship to chat with Ava.
  • Ray doesn’t want Sara to find out about what John told him.

Everyone comes up clean. As if it was ever going to actually be one of them.

4. Zari’s Sacrifice


After many attempts to save the Legends Zari breaks down. She decides the only method she hasn’t tried yet is sacrificing herself in hopes the time loop will end. Sara tries to talk her down. Zari pulls the trigger.

Luckily the gun is empty. She tells Sara everything and the entire team begins to search for the bomb. They find it and they try to figure out how to disarm it.

They can’t figure it out in time. Zari locks herself into the prison chamber, turns on her amulet, tells them she loves them and the bomb explodes.

5. Zari finds the culprit.

Zari wakes up. She is no longer in the time loop. She never was. Gideon used her scenario technology to teach Zari a lesson. Our favorite AI wanted Zari to learn about the team and learn to love them.

Gideon always believed Zari belonged there. She showed Zari what she sees as the ship everyday. Basically, Gideon is amazing. Also we got to see her in human form again, which is always pleasant.

Zari finishes her day by having a coffee with Sara.

How do you feel about Zari now? Are you a fan? Wasn’t it great seeing Gideon again! See you next week!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 EST on The CW.

(Featured Image courtesy of The CW.)


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