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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ finale recap: 3×13 “Nathaniel is Irrelevant”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale Recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “Nathaniel is Irrelevant” aired Feb 16th, 2018.

In the midst of the curling and figure skating frenzy (courtesy of the 2018 Winter Olympics) only a few shows stayed on air – one of which was Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which aired its third season finale on Friday. And boy, are we glad it did.

This season’s finale, like the two that came before it, brought shocking twists and total game changers sure to reshape the show, once again, going into its fourth season. Let’s discuss!

The Musical Numbers

The Miracle of Birth – Donna Lynne Champlin never fails to impress, but ‘The Miracle of Birth’ may be her best performance yet. As Heather stresses over her impending delivery, Paula describes (in graphic detail) the process of birth. Bursting with flowers and featuring dancing children, the song is a genius personification of the romanticization of the agonizing process of literally pushing a human out of your body.

Nothing is Ever Anyone’s Fault – Rebecca is in jail (more on that later) and Nathaniel visits her. He explains that none of this is her fault – she has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and had a bad childhood, so nothing she does is ever her fault. Of course, this is faulty logic at best, but it represents what many of us were already thinking. We want to excuse Rebecca’s actions as much as Nathaniel does, and this number shows us how ridiculous that is. Rebecca must be held responsible for her actions; even if the second season’s intro says otherwise.

Time to Face the Music

Rebecca, haunted by visions of Trent at every turn, resolves to alleviate her guilt by confessing to all of her recent wrongdoings. Rebecca gathers Paula, Nathaniel, and Josh in the conference room and gives them each a sheet of paper listing every bad thing she’s done to them. It’s a moment that encapsulates the entire season. Although Rebecca has seemed much healthier lately, she still manipulated and lied to Paula, put a hit out on Mona, and participated in a scheme with nearly led to Josh’s grandmother being murdered.

It’s hard to say what Rebecca expected, but it likely wasn’t this; Paula makes it clear she is done with Rebecca, Nathaniel looks utterly betrayed and horrified, and Josh punches Nathaniel in the face. It’s a mess.


While all this is going on, Heather and Darryl are preparing for labor. There’s a bit of miscommunication – Darryl signs Heather up for ‘no drugs’. Heather explains that although this is Darryl’s baby, it’s Heather’s delivery, and that’s her choice to make. Once she gets on pain meds, Heather’s delivery goes smoothly, and little ‘Habecca’ is born (the name is a mash-up of Heather and Rebecca, subject to change.)

Darryl missed White Josh for the entirety of the pregnancy, so Heather calls him after the birth. Darryl and White Josh decide they are friends. It’s a refreshing thing to see – they miss each other, but no one is sacrificing their own stance on parenting to get back into a relationship.

Crazy Ex-Boyfriend

Turns out, Rebecca’s visions of Trent weren’t all just visions. Rebecca’s obsessive ex is back, and this time, he wants vengeance. He’s exactly where Rebecca was at the start of this season, only he takes things further than she ever did.

After sending Rebecca series of threatening Instagram stories (which disappear after 24 hours!) Trent heads to Nathaniel’s party, attempting to (or at least threatening to) murder him with a large knife. Bex gets there just in time, reacting without thinking, and pushing Trent off of the roof.

With the disappeared stories as the only evidence, Rebecca finds herself charged with attempted murder. She is facing years in prison if she doesn’t plead insanity.

She’s Just a Girl in Love, But She Will Be Held Responsible for Her Actions

In the final moments of the show, Paula shows up to Rebecca’s hearing. Rebecca realizes that she has to accept responsibility at some point, and gives up her freedom, and her future with Nathaniel, to plead guilty to attempted murder.

It’s a questionable decision – after all, the situation feels a lot more nuanced than that. But, then, maybe that’s the point. We, like Rebecca, always have an excuse ready for her, and we have to accept that sometimes, it truly is her fault.


  • The various references throughout the episode to songs past was gold.
  • Poor, Mona. I’m rooting for Nathaniel and Rebecca as much as the next viewer, but you’ve got admit – that girl got seriously jerked around (and almost murdered!!)
  • What’s the plan here? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s version of Orange is the New Black? Barring a huge time jump, it’s hard to imagine what season four is going to look like.
  • If there even is a season four – there better be a season four, CW. This is not an acceptable way to end a series.
  • It’s been fun recapping this show with you guys! Keep your fingers crossed for a fourth (and final) season!
  • Find me on twitter if you wanna chat Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – @reagandpierce.

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