Mal drops a bombshell in ‘Descendants 3’ teaser

Earlier this week, Disney as well as Descendants cast members started teasing us on social media that there would be a big announcement this week. Well, they did not disappoint! Last night they released a teaser trailer for…are you ready for it? Descendants 3! That’s right. The franchise got renewed for another movie! I can barely breathe I’m so excited!

What do we know?

Descendants 3

Well, like I said, it was a teaser, so not a whole lot. We see Mal (Dove Cameron) walking towards a something that appears to be glowing, very Aladdin-esque. Then, the glowy thing says her name. Her response? “Dad?”

What the what?!

Descendants 3

The ENTIRE franchise–books, movies, animated series–all we ever get to see of the Villain Kids is one villain parent. Now we get to find out who Mal’s father is? Guys, I never say this, but I can’t even right now!

Who’s the daddy?

Descendants 3

Let the theories begin! Hopefully, it’s not one that we’ve seen in the franchise already. I don’t really feel like some big revelation that Mal ends up related to another character. So what does that mean? Who have we not seen yet that could be a candidate?

Possible Storyline

Descendants 3

Other than the revelation of who Mal’s father will be…what else can we hope to see in the movie? I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot wait to see Uma and Harry again! They were the best additions to the franchise in my humble opinion.

Sailing Ships

Descendants 3
Descendants Wiki

Now for the really important part. I am ready to get back to all of my important lovely ships that we left behind in the last movie! Who is still together? Who’s together now? How are all of these relationships going? Are Mal and Ben going to get engaged? (I know they’re young, but it’s Disney!)

Basically, this trailer left us with waaaaaaaay  more questions than answers. We are all just going to be sitting in suspense for the next year and a half until we can get answers. Oh well, I’ll just rewatch until I can quote both movies word for word.

Have you seen this trailer yet? Check it out!

Disney’s Descendants 3 will premiere Summer 2019.

(Featured image: The Disney Blog)


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