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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×10 “Daddy Darhkest”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 10, “Daddy Darhkest,” Aired February 13, 2018.

John Constantine has returned! Tonight’s episode gave us some much needed answers, an unexpected hookup, and a departure. Let’s dive in!

1. Constantine Returns


No matter what Matt Ryan finds a way to bring his character back to our screens. After Constantine’s cancellation, Arrow brought him back. Next, The CW Seed took him in. Now, Legends of Tomorrow welcomed our dark warlock.

This time he returns to exorcise the demon Mollus out of a young Nora Darhk. That’s right, a younger version of Damien’s daughter appears. Mollus possess her shortly after her father’s death. (The first time.) It turns out Mollus enters into the bodies of the weak or ones filled with darkness.

2. Sara falls victim.


Nora/Mollus calls Sara out.

“I am coming for Sara Lance.”

The Legends team up with Constantine to protect Sara and exorcise Nora. They put a plan in motion. It goes terribly, per usual, they make a new one. Actually, Mick makes a new plan. What? I know! Mick took some initiative. 

  • Zari and Ray grab Nora to find out where Sara, John, and Leo are. (They got transported to 1969.)
  • Amaya interrogates her Granddaughter. (The water woman tried to get Nora, but they trapped her.)
  • Nate looks for Sara, John, and Leo.

3. The Six


During Zari and Ray’s chat with Nora we find out people possessed by Mollus weakens when Zari touches them. This is of course great news! They now know two ways to hurt Mollus. Mollus lets it slip that Zari is one of the six.

Amaya explains there are only 5 people that wield totems. If there is a sixth, they are a mystery to many. Later in the episode, John promises to look into it.

4. 1969


Leo, John, and Sara are brought to 1969 in the same sanitarium hospital Nora was held in. This happens after Nora draws a time rune into the floor. In order to get back they have to attempt something stupid.

Naturally everyone is on board with the idiotic plan ha! Mollus wants to possess Sara because there is darkness in her. He wants to control her and bring it out in her.

  1. John reminds Sara she is stronger than him.
  2. Sara lets Mollus in.
  3. She fights him in her mind and wins. She draws the rune.

The team is brought back into the present.

5. Everyone escapes.


Mollus leaves Nora. Damien shows up and takes her. Water lady escapes because Amaya lets her. Seriously the team just keeps letting the bad guys go. It makes no sense. Anyways, Constantine bares them farewell.

The Legends now have more answers. My question is, what does this mean for Sara? I am sure her internal fight against Mollus is not over yet.

Also, Amaya and Nate need to figure out what they are going to do about Water Lady, I am over this storyline. Either go back home and change the timeline or let it be. Enough is enough.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Should Amaya have let her granddaughter go? Did you enjoy seeing Constantine again?

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8 EST on The CW.

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