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‘Once Upon a Time’ series finale: The happily ever afters we want to see

As most of you probably have already heard, Once Upon a Time will be ending after the run of season 7. For a lot of us, this show has been the perfect escape, and we will be sad to see the book come to a complete close in May. Nonetheless, we still have over 10 episodes before it ends, so we really need to soak them up! With the announcement comes the question: what would we like to see in the finale? This show deserves a story book ending.

One last glimpse of Captain Swan


There’s a part of me that really believes we will see Emma and Killian again. I know Jennifer Morrison was only back for that one episode, but in T.V., there’s a possibility she could have filmed something for a finale. Or maybe she decided to come back for the finale. Like I said, I’m not dismissing the possibility to see our favorite true love couple together. Perhaps we’ll get to see Emma and Killian with their teenage daughter. (Adam and Eddy said we wouldn’t see a Captain Swan baby, but who’s to say the child has to be a baby in the finale?) I think it was specifically the baby we wouldn’t see.

It just wouldn’t feel right to end the series without the one who began it all: Emma Swan. We know Killian and her are happy, but I wouldn’t mind one final scene with the two of them because they’re the best. Nobody squash my dreams of this becoming reality.

Rumple being reunited with Belle


On a slightly more devastating note, Rumple should be reunited with Belle. In 7×04, “Beauty,” we saw Belle meet her ends. That episode was sad AF! After everything those two went through and fought for throughout the series, it’s only fitting that they are reunited together. Rumple mentioned in 7A that he wanted to be reunited with Belle, and as sad as it might be to see a long-time series character die, he’s meant to be with Belle.

With that, I hope we get to see Gideon once more. If you followed my season 6 recaps, I was not the biggest Gideon fan ever. However, the Black Fairy was the culprit to his evilness, so I think I was too hard on the guy. As much as I would hate to see him lose both of his parents, I hope Gideon has found a family for himself. Belle and Rumple would want their child to be happy.

Henry and his family together


As of now, Henry still doesn’t know he has a wife or a daughter. His cursed self only knows that he lost his family a while ago. Therefore, Henry, Ella and Lucy all deserve to be one little family again. I assume they would go back to the Enchanted Forest, but will definitely pay some visits to their family back in Storybrooke. I am sure Emma and Killian would love to meet their grandchild and Henry’s wife. Can you image how amazing that scene would be?

The Charmings


Snow and Charming are the only two original characters we have not seen again. I’m sure they’re in Storybrooke being the hopeful family that they are. I don’t have much for what I want to see of the couple, but it wouldn’t hurt to check back up on them. Maybe see Charming tease Killian mercilessly about fatherhood. Oh! That’s totally what I want to see—some good, ole-fashioned Captain Charming bonding. Also, can we see Neal as a teenager or something? The boy never aged from season 3 to season 6.

Regina getting permanent happiness


Whether you like or dislike Regina, we can all agree she’s been handed some bad cards throughout the series. We thought she finally got her happiness with Robin, but then he died saving her. RIP, Robin Hood. Anyway, Regina needs some solid, permanent happiness. And that does not mean that she needs a man in her life. I think being with Henry and his family makes her genuinely happy. Maybe her and Zelena can live together again like they did briefly in season 6. Unless Zelena ends up marrying that one dude….Whatever causes Regina’s happiness, I would like to see it. From the rumors I have heard around fandom, she might be getting a new love interest. With that said, who says she can’t have love and everything I just mentioned?

The new characters getting their happy endings


Rogers, Alice, Tiana, the whole new gang should be (presumably) awoken from the curse by the series wrap. I would like to see them all headed back to the Enchanted Forest, but it might be fun to see them call Hyperion Heights their homes. Although, not many happy memories were there.

I can see Rogers and Alice being a bickering father and daughter duo, but back in each other’s lives without any stupid curse keeping them from one another. That, of course, includes Robyn and Alice being in a healthy, happy relationship too. For Tiana, I would love to see her start a successful business like they’ve hinted at. She’s such a strong and go-getting character, so I want to see that follow through. Ivy…well, I’m not too sure what I want from her. It depends if she gets a redemption arc, but I do like her crazy self.

Redemption for Victoria; BYE, Gothel


I know there’s a lot of hate for Victoria, but I kind of like her. She’s a character that kind of had a reason to be evil. Now, I’m not excusing all the bad things she’s done, but I think she’s one of the villains on the show that actually deserves a happy ending. After all, Drizella was the real big bad who was tricking Victoria. I kind of felt for her.

I HATE Gothel. For me, she’s a villain that doesn’t deserve redemption. She’s pure evil, and I just don’t see myself wishing that she turns her life around and be given a happy ending. I want her gone. OUAT has no problem killing off bad dudes either, sooooo. Like, she may be one of the most vile villains from the whole series. Maybe she’s had a bad life prior, but they have to really convince me to change my mind.

That’s a lot for a series finale, but in OUAT fashion, it’s usually a two hour ordeal. It’ll be hard, and I know I’ll cry a lot, but seeing some of these things would be the best way to end this series. It’s been a special part of people’s lives, and the show deserves to end with a bang. What do you hope to see in the series finale? Sound off below or tweet me!

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