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‘Dynasty’ recap 1×13 “Nothing But Trouble”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Nothing But Trouble”, Aired February 7th, 2018

Things get crazy just in time for Dynasty to head into a hiatus. Steven is running for council, but that may not end will with the shocking event in his apartment. Cecil Colby has officially been released for prison. But the plan against the Carringtons may be dead in the water if Fallon has anything to say about it. This episode was full of the maximum level of deception, betrayal, cheating, lying, and of course death. Keep reading below for our break down of the episode!

Dynasty recap 1x13

Scandalous behavior

While we think that the idea of Steven getting political, it doesn’t seem like his father is quite as happy about the new development. Not much of a shocker since Blake has no problem making his feelings known about his children’s personal choices. Spoiler alert, it’s pretty rare for him to support any of Steven or Fallon’s choices. Not unless there is something in it for him, of course. But Cristal seems to be all for the decision and is even willing to help Steven when it comes to the press.

Dynasty recap 1x13

Cristal shows that she’s a bit more like her husband than we suspected. It seems the only reason she is so willing to support Steven’s decision is for her own gain. It seems we haven’t seen the last of Rick as Cristal pulls him in to do an interview for Steven. Then Cristal pulls Rick in for a makeout session afterwards. We would like to act surprised over this behavior, but it really isn’t that big of a shocker given Cristal’s past transgressions. Things aren’t looking good for the Carrington newlyweds.

Love and war

Things seemed to be smooth sailing for Monica and Fallon’s friendship. But we know not to get too invested because our hearts are bound to be broken. Things get even deeper when Fallon reveals that she has purchased a club for Monica to run. She knows Monica has always wanted to manage her own club and took the necessary steps to be sure she got it. So Fallon is definitely willing to go the extra mile. Things are taken one step further when Monica confides in Fallon that Jeff has always been in love with her and is ready to take the next step. Too bad we know exactly what your motives are, Monica!

Dynasty recap 1x13

Fallon’s heart seems to be on the line when she goes to see Jeff. He wastes no time in telling her that he wants to marry her but is okay with her taking her time to think about it. Well, since the two of you have never really dated for any span of time, that doesn’t seem like such a kind and generous offer. Especially considering that we all know the only reason Jeff wants to marry Fallon is because it’s necessary for whatever plot he has planned for Blake and the rest of the Carrington clan. Dammit, Jeff! We’re still going to hold out hope that you won’t be able to go through with this.

Driver espionage

Michael has realized his true feelings for Fallon and finally reveals them to her. He expresses his extreme distrust in Jeff and we can tell he has his doubts about Monica. While we love that Michael has finally admitted to Fallon how he feels, we can’t help but feel a little exhausted by all the back and forth. Michael wants Fallon, but she only wants him in secret. They call it quits, only for Fallon to become jealous when Michael gets with someone else. Fallon seems to move on and then Michael begins acting jealous. Make up our minds people!

'Dynasty' recap 1x13

But Michael is convinced enough of Jeff’s guilt that he calls in Sam to help in his investigation. While Sam isn’t able to find out much, he does accidentally send Fallon some much needed intel. We’ll give Sam the points for this one anyway. His heart really seemed to be in the right place and we are loving him as Fallon’s assistant. The two of them seem to complement each other quite well and we can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.

Love crimes

Even though we all had a momentary freakout when Fallon told Jeff yes, we had a feeling it was because she knew what was really going on. It seems Fallon is going to be giving the Colby family a little taste of their own medicine. Even though the Colby family is only doing this to get back at the Carrington family for putting Cecil in jail in the first place. It’s a real vicious circle, and we hope these families are able to figure that out soon. Cecil is able to get out of jail, even though Blake tried his hardest to prevent it from happening. Now that Cecil’s revenge plan seems a bit more tangible, we’re starting to get a bit nervous. By that, we mean we’re terrified. We don’t know how we’re going to be able to wait while this show goes on hiatus. Things are coming to their boiling point and we’re pretty worried about what casualties there are going to be.

'Dynasty' recap 1x13

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