‘Taken’ recap 2×04 “OPSEC”

Taken recap: Season 2, Episode 4, “OPSEC”, Aired February 2nd, 2018

This week had Bryan coming face to face with an old military friend committing a crime. But things aren’t as simple as they appear. When a hacktivist group takes the old friend’s son, it’s up to Bryan and the team to get him back. A task that is made more difficult by the enemies taking cyanide pills instead of handing over any information. But it was certainly a crazy episode, so let’s break things down!

Taken recap 2x04

Official and independent

Bryan sneaks into an official event as an official guard, even though we know he is anything but. This is the best team to operate independently.  One of the guards assigned to protect the President’s nuclear bag turns out to be the one who steals it. Naturally, the mission is the most important to Bryan, regardless of who the bad guy may be. We absolutely loved when the President’s official security team came face to face with Bryan and wanted to take him down. We all love watching Bryan beat someone’s ass!

Taken recap 2x04

When Bryan is able to catch up to his old army buddy, he realizes things aren’t as clean cut as they first appeared. The moment we wait for during every episode has already happened. The man’s son has been taken by a hacktivist organization and getting the bag full of intel was what they wanted. It seems the mission has just changed in a whole new direction. Good thing this team is nothing if not adaptable to changing situations. That, and it’s pretty clear that Bryan is relieved his old friend turned out to not be the bad guy in the whole situation.

Changing direction

Unsurprisingly, Kilroy is able to track down the hacktivist’s home base pretty quickly. But this group is clearly dedicated to giving out no information as one of the members downs a cyanide pill. Literally as soon as Bryan gets a hold of him. We know he’s terrifying, but damn. They didn’t even hesitate to kill themselves. This must be some hacktivist group. Of course, Bryan has that guilty look for losing the guy before being able to get the location of his friend’s son.

Taken recap 2x04

But the trip isn’t a whole waste as Bryan is able to find out more information about the group’s leader. It seems Julius is being held a tad unjustly. In a secret location no less. Which would explain why the group wanted the bag in the first place. No group can operate without their fearless leader. So Christina decides to have the team break Julius out of the unlisted prison. There’s no better way to get information than from the direct source. It’s the most solid plan they’ve got.

Another one bites the dust

Julius seems to be a good guy who doesn’t agree with his group kidnapping an innocent. We’re hoping that he also means he doesn’t agree with his group kidnapping anyone in general. But it’s also kind of strange that this group would act a completely different way when their leader is taken. We know they were just trying to get him back, but we’e staying on the fence about whether or not Julius really is a good guy.

Taken recap 2x04

We find out that General Reed is the one who put Julius away without due processing. Things go from bad to worse when Reed catches up with Bryan and the others when they’re trying to make the exchange for their kidnapping victim. He can’t have anyone letting his dirty little secret out, so he sends out the big guns to take Julius and Bryan’s team out to little success. When the smoke clears, Christina makes her entrance. She takes down yet another dirty government employee. Christina always gets her man!

Hacktivist or cyber terrorist?

Finding the home base of the hacker group wasn’t the only big moment for Kilroy this week. His other big moment comes from being the one to convince Julius to help the team. A big shock comes from finding out the two know each other from an underground hacker event. It seems Julius may once again be not so dead as it seems to be the hacktivist leader who has taken over Kilroy’s computer. It could be possible that Kilroy has finally met his internet nemesis. There were also some signs given that leave us wondering if Kilroy could possibly be realizing where the line between good and evil is drawn and what side of it he needs to choose.

Taken recap 2x04

What do you think is next for Bryan and the team? Who will Christina take down next? Is Kilroy beginning to change his way of thinking? Will Santana’s methods get her or the team into trouble later? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch Taken Fridays at 9/8c on NBC, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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