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‘Supernatural’ recap: 13×13 “Devil’s Bargain”

Supernatural recap: Season 13, Episode 13, “Devil’s Bargain,” Aired Thursday, February, 8, 2018

Hey hunters! It’s been awhile. Sorry I missed writing about a few episodes, but you know…life. Anyway, Jensen Ackles’ (Dean) lovely wife, Danneel, finally decided she no longer wanted to be the only one in their friend circle not to be on the show. And might I say, she will become one of my favorite characters. It was an eventful episode. Let’s check it out.

Cas is back…again

Devil's Bargain

Last week we watched Cas be a BAMF manipulator in order to escape the prison Asmodeus was keeping him and Lucifer in. However, he and Lucifer ended up getting separated. Lucky for us, that just means that Cas goes straight to the bunker to catch the boys up on everything.

Dean is quite upset to learn that he was so easily fooled into believing that when he talked to his boyfriend friend on the phone, it was really Asmodeus. Come on, Dean! How many people have to pretend to be Cas before you nail down his actual personality?!

Lucifer’s still weak

Devil's Bargain

After running away from Asmodeus, and then Cas, Lucifer is back to trying to face the big, bad world sans full-power. He kills a cupid to suck up some grace. Then he meets up with a hobo. The hobo almost got him to eat out of the garbage, before telling him about a faith healer who is the real deal.

Now, I don’t know about you. But I seem to remember that the last time we ran into a real faith healer, it ended up being an amnesiac Castiel.

Sister Jo

Devil's Bargain
Sweet Pants and Coffee

Lucifer ends up tracking down the faith healer, Sister Jo. She is portrayed by the fantastic Danneel Harris Ackles! But anyway, she ends up being an angel. I know, surprising! So, Luci wants to feed off of her grace.

However, she is one smart cookie! She makes a deal with the devil…but she made the stakes, and he agreed to them! They start to do this weird little Pretty Woman arrangement. The grace-sucking between the two ends up coming off extremely sexual. And then the both of them in their weakened states, share feelings.

Team FreeWill ends up tracking the two of them down. She tricks the boys into thinking that Luci is holding her against her will. Only guess what? She’s really on his side. So he holds the team hostage for a little while to long and Ketch ends up ending the party, and Lucifer and Sister Jo run away.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Ketch is back, too. He’s been working for Asmodeus. Only now he’s offering the team to help them double cross Asmodeus. I don’t like him, because I can never decide who’s team he’s really on! Whatever, we’ll just see how this goes.

Mutant Ninja Prophet

Devil's Bargain

Donatello, the prophet, also makes a comeback this episode. Since AU!Kevin used the angel tablet over there to open the rift, Donnie is going to use the demon tablet over here to do the same thing! Surprisingly, the only resource he asks for is chicken wings. Apparently they’re brain food. Who knew?

Well, Asmodeus isn’t through imitating Castiel, yet. He drops in on Donnie buying some more chicken wings and gets him to tell him exactly what the boys are up to. He also puts some mojo on Donnie that makes him agree to report to Asmodeus whenever he makes any breakthroughs.

Also, interesting side note. Donatello mentions to Cas Asmodeus that he will feel bad if he can’t figure out how to get Jack and Mary back. But, uh, Donnie doesn’t have a soul. Is he supposed to be able to feel bad?

Game of Thrones

Devil's Bargain
Bleeding Cool

So Lucifer and Sister Jo’s arrangement is not the only Devil’s bargain we get to see on this episode. We go back to the park to see that Lucifer is working on taking a step up, literally. He offers the angels to restore Heaven to its former glory.

He’s going to make new angels. He’s going to give them all their wings back. All he wants, is to be the undisputed  ruler of Heaven. Oh, and Sister Jo appears to be his second in command, and he is extremely protective of her! Where all is this going to go? Let’s sit back and see.

Also, if he’s undisputed, what happens when Asmodeus is inevitably gone, and if Chuck maybe comes back? So many questions!


Devil's Bargain

So Ketch is back with Asmodeus down in Hell. They are talking about they are going to defeat the good guys…blah blah blah. Then all of a sudden, Asmodeus announces that he’s found an archangel blade, the only thing that can kill one of the big four. Ketch points out how only an archangel can wield one for it to be effective. This leads to the biggest reveal of the season!


Now, he is being held prisoner by Asmodeus. He looks freaking wrecked, and his lips are sewn shut. My poor little cupcake! Now, since that happed in the last two seconds of the episode, it only raised more questions.

Is it Gabriel from this universe? If it is, where has he been? What has he been up to? If it isn’t our Gabriel, what universe is he from? How did Asmodeus catch him? Soooooo many questions!

What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments and check out our personal MOL bunker for more Supernatural news! Also, I am trying to get into live-tweeting the episodes so go check me out @Fandom_Airlines.

Supernatural will return to The CW on March 1, 2018.

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