‘The Resident’ recap 1×04 “Identity Crisis”

The Resident recap Season One, Episode 4, “Identity Crisis” Aired February 5th, 2018

The effects of the budget cut were still being felt this week. Things went from bad to worse as a patient died in the ER as a result of nurse not being prepared. Add telling the wrong family that their loved one has died, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. But, as usual, Conrad doesn’t let anything keep him down. Meanwhile Nic lets her inner investigator flag fly. On that note, let’s break down that wild ride of an episode!

The Resident recap 1x04

Lessons learned

While Conrad makes a pretty big mistake in telling the wrong family they’ve lost a loved one, he uses it to his advantage. We do have to add that it was a careless nurse’s fault that Conrad had the wrong information to begin with. But our favorite doctor took this as an opportunity to teach Devon how to deal with the situation. So, we’re left to assume that this is something that Conrad plans on happening again. With the way things are run in this hospital, we absolutely believe it.

The Resident recap 1x04

Let’s talk about the careless nurse real quick as well. Instead of focusing on learning how to do her job properly, she spent too much time focusing on how she looked. Let’s just hope she’s learned from this so there isn’t a next time. That’s if she is ever able to get a job again after all this. Things certianly aren’t looking good in that department as they let her go to rehire the far more experienced nurse. You know, the one they let go because of the budget cuts. At least the hospital made one right decision here.

Dangerous curiosity

Well, we were on the fence about Lane before, but our decision has been made for us now. This mysterious clinic of Doctor Hunter’s is getting scarier by the minute. Lane has her staff operating just as tight lipped as she seems to be. We are dying to know what the hell is  going on behind the scenes just about as badly as Nic. But the risks she was clearly willing to take had us worried for her as well. Especially when she is caught snooping at the clinic. That could have gone a totally different direction. What is this clinic? A cult?

The Resident recap 1x04

Our fear for Nic only escalates as she continues digging into the clinic. Especially once it is made clear that Lane knows Nic isn’t going to let her investigation go. As crazy as it sounds, we fully believe that things with Lane’s mysterious clinic are only going to get more serious and possibly dangerous. We can’t help ourselves from continuing to hope that Hunter will make her way back over to the good side of the fence. But things aren’t looking good for that one.

Badass definition

Irving seems to be just about at his wit’s end in the ER. Not only because their best nurse has been let go for budget gains, but because of Conrad and Mina. These two have made it clear that they don’t care about breaking the rules. Especially when it comes to what’s best for their patient. Conrad and Mina also have no problem taking the consequences of their rule breaking habits. But they rarely finish out their punishments and always seem to find a way back in the game. We have no problem admitting that we love when it happens every time.

The Resident recap 1x04

Devon proves that he’s a badass himself as he isn’t afraid to be a leader on his own. While he makes a damn good second in command to Conrad, he’s just as good of a leader. Not only does he help the beautiful couple of Howie and Shirley to have the wedding they desire, but he holds his own with Lane as well. Nic proves that she’s going to be a formidable enemy of Lane’s as well. So basically, ther is not only going to be a team going up against Bell, but Hunter too. We can’t wait to see those showdowns.

Decisions, decisions

Every single episode, we’re confronted with the truth of how things are done in medicine. From moment to moment, everything this staff does has consequences. Some immediate, and some that may happen in the future. Every single decision has someone’s life riding on it. Between Bell choosing to leave Mina on the bench, and a flightly nurse leaving a man with a head injury unattended. These doctors and nurses continue to show us that the weight of the world is in fact on their shoulders, and they can’t all handle the pressure.

The Resident recap 1x04

What is really going on with Lane’s clinic? How far is she willing to go in order to keep whatever secrets it holds? Will Nic bring Conrad in on what it is she’s found out so far? How long will Conrad and Bell go before they have another hospital showdown, and who will come out on top? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch The Resident Mondays at 9/8c on FOX, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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