‘Taken’ recap 2×03 “Hammurabi”

Taken recap Season 2, Episode 3, “Hammurabi”, Aired January 26th, 2018

A desperate man, close to losing everything, takes a hostage. There’s only one team that has the right set of skills to take care of the situation. But when it comes time to deal with Hammurabi’s code, the lines are easily blurred. It’s a game full of revenge, taking down the man, and Hammurabi’s Code.

Taken recap 2x03

Kidnapping insurance

Who knew you could get kidnapping insurance? Well, corporate America employees apparently. Christina gets called in to get her team on the taking of an accountant. When Bryan first gets put on the case it seems like he is going to be his usual self and save the man in danger. But things aren’t going to be quite as routine this time around as the accountant also seems to be on the guilty side. Stealing other people’s pensions is pretty serious, especially when their livelihood may depend on that money.

Taken recap 2x03

Christina gets the money for the case and pulled from whatever happens next. But Christina isn’t satisfied with jsut walking away, and neither is the rest of the team. Once they get involved, they don’t stop until it’s all said and done. Though this time around, the team seems to be on our kidnapper’s side. Things seem to be going well when the team is able to get the pension money back. But that isn’t enough for our kidnapper, Norman. His marriage is dissolving and he wants more revenge. We get it, but we also could have guessed how that was going to go over for poor Norman.

Similar situations

What we get to see of Bryan’s past experience with corporate America being the cause of his own family member hanging himself has us feeling a whole new understanding. Poor Bryan had to cut his uncle down before his aunt got home. The more we see of Bryan’s young life, the more we are impressed with how good he has turned out. Don’t get us wrong, he obviously has some issues, but he chooses to be on the right side of the line. Most of the time. His motives are always for the good of everyone else.

Taken recap 2x03

One thing has always been obvious. Bryan stands up for the little guy, and he won’t stop until revenge is served. He’s really helping to show us the whole served cold portion of that saying. It’s also clear that as a direct result of his upbringing, Bryan puts the weight of the world on his shoulder and allows himself to feel guilt for every situation he encounters. You can’t win them all, Bryan. Honeslty, we’re more upset that Norman didn’t just listen to Bryan and left him with one more death on his conscience.

Different tactics

While Christina is trying to calm Bryan down to no avail, Santana and Kilroy are bonding in a strange sort of way. We snese that there is going to be a closeness here eventually. Nothing like the relationship between Christina and Bryan, but a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie for sure. Then there’s the relationship between Christina and Kilroy. They seem to do their best when Christina is calling the shots. Kilroy tends to get easily lost in the internet and Christina seems to keep a short leash on him.

Taken recap 2x03

Christina’s team seemed to go at Benedict and his company from all different sides. They had Christina’s method of going in quietly, serving justice, and leaving the same way. This is the way that Santana and Kilroy back up pretty quickly. Bryan seemed on board at first as well. But he also has his own method and it’s far more violent. Christina is severely against this method, but Santana and Kilroy seem to jump on board with this plan pretty quickly. So what it really comes down to is, Christina’s way or Bryan’s?

Common ground

Bryan seems to lose control for a few moments. We were genuinely ready for him to kill Benedict, and were kind of on the verge with rooting for it. But after an insanely epic battle, Bryan does make a kill shot. He isn’t going to end Benedict’s life physically. But the man is now broke as Christina stepped in to drain the man’s accounts. He doesn’t even have enough money to pay his mercenaries. Which means they are going to seek payment of their own. We all nodded our heads in satisfaction as Benedict pulled the trigger on himself.


Were you satisfied with the ending Benedict got? What did you think about the end of Norman’s story? Will Bryan and Christina be able to keep the common ground they seem to have found? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch Taken Fridays at 9/8c on NBC, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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