‘Falling Water’ recap 2×05 “Promotion”

Falling Water recap Season 2, Episode 5, “Promotion”, Aired February 3rd, 2018

It’s a week for partnering as Tess and Burton go on a team adventure and Taka and Alex take off together. We’re finding ourselves pretty pumped about Alex finally becoming a believer and joining the team. Kind of. We’ll get there. The dream pods are also pretty freaking cool! We can’t wait for the moment when our entire dream team get into the pods together and take on the Shadowman in the dreamworld!

Falling Water recap 2x05

Road trip

While Tess seems to be stuck in a bit of a hard place, we are feeling a little cringy with her taking off and leaving James. Again. But they do have to get Lainie back, and there aren’t many people who are up for the job. Tess also makes sure that James knows what she and Burton are doing and that he has sufficient care for the day. But James is pretty adamant about going with his mom. In steps Burton to save the day once again. It takes a team effort with the two of them to convince James that they will all be okay. Please excuse us while we ugly cry over James telling Burton that he isn’t just worried about his mom, but Burton too.

Falling Water recap 2x05

The amount of time Burton and Tess continue to spend together just keeps getting our shipper hearts more involved. Even though Bill is there to tag along this time, that doesn’t take away from the clear connection that Tess and Burton always seem to have. Or it could just be us looking for more confirmation that there is indeed some romance between the two of them. In a world full of danger and deception, we need some love!

Learning curve

While Alex now has a mild understanding of the dream world, it’s clear that she’s still struggling to really grasp the entire thing. Something we completely understand. If you’re partner all of a sudden tells you a pretty unbelievable tale of entering dreams, you’re probably going to be a bit weary. We’re just grateful that Alex seemed to have enough faith in Taka to trust that he wasn’t just losing his mind.

Falling Water recap 2x05

But working in a precinct while trying to track down people in dreams can be a bit difficult. It’s clear that in order to be a detective, you have to look at things objectively and with a clear mind. The facts are the facts and the only thing to support them is the evidence. When the evidence is coming out of dreams, that’s when the lines can get a little blurred. Or a lot. Taka begins trying to explain to Alex that the secret is getting the truth from the dream world, and finding the evidence in the real world.

Conspiracy theory

Taka and Alex prove that they don’t have to rely on dreams to get all the answers they need, they’re pretty damn good detectives. Taka and Alex track down the information on the man who was forced to commit suicide pretty quickly. Through a series of  rapidly connecting dots and intense investigations, the head of the snake comes back to Taylor Bennett. But with the way things work in this show, we aren’t going to be convinced that the ultimate villain was that easy to find. Good thing Taka and Alex feel the same way.

Falling Water recap 2x05

As things continue to unravel, including a storage unit that comes up empty except for a well hidden hard drive. Whittaker turns out to just be the fall guy and it appears that Bennett really may be our frontman. At the very least, Taka surmises that Bennett is the one employing the Shadowman. Things are getting deeper and much more involved than even we expected.

Mission accomplished

With some danger along the way, Tess and Burton are still able to save Lainie, with some help from Bill. Though he really did seem to be good this time around, they both agree not to team up often. We’re assuming they’ll still use the dream pods but won’t bring Bill with them on adventures. We’ll just have to see if they are able to stick with that decision. As for how we feel about Bill, we’re still on the fence. But we are proud of Taka and Alex for getting the information and relaying it back to Tess and Burton. We can’t wait for these four to really take on the Shadowman together!

Falling Water recap 2x05

What do you think about the relationship between Tess and Burton? What about Alex finally becoming a believer? Who is really running the show and Shadowman? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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