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‘Dynasty’ recap 1×12 “Promises You Can’t Keep”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Promises You Can’t Keep”, Aired January 31st, 2018

Truths about Cristal and Blake’s marriage come to light as new situations arise. We certainly weren’t surprised that Cristal doesn’t truly know her husband. But we do still feel bad for what she had to deal with this week. Also, we seem to be hearing the name Alexis come up more often. But when are we going to see her?! We all need a little more Alexis Carrington in our lives! Let’s break it down!

Dynasty recap 1x12

Dirty Politics

When Cristal gets some nasty news about Blake, she runs right to her husband to get the answers. Really, Cristal? After everything else that you’ve been through, you’re just going to go to Blake and take his word? Clearly she has learned nothing. Naturally, Blake gives her what sounds like a true story to explain his blackmailing actions. But we certainly aren’t convinced. It’s become obvious that Blake is in things for himself first and everyone else falls into second. Always. At this point, we’re convinced that Blake is willing to see everyone as the enemy, including his own children. Hell, we’ve seen him act this way a handful of times already.

Dynasty recap 1x12

But these weren’t the only dirty little secrets that came to light. As much as we love Jeff, his deceptions are really starting to become clear. Unless he makes a sudden good guy turn around, we may have to change our stance on him. Please, Jeff, make a turn around! We don’t care what anyone says, we know you have real feelings for Fallon! They just have to take priority over your plan for revenge on the Carringtons. Getting Monica involved is certainly a step in the wrong direction.

No excuses

While Cristal seemed to take Blake at his word, more evidence was piling up against him. Paying for the senator to go on vacation with his many mistresses, really, Blake? Every time we try to give this man retribution, he proves to us once more how many dirty tricks he has up his sleeves. But we suppose that’s the way things are with this show. Absolutely no one is who you want them to be. Or even who they at first seem to be. Except for Steven. We’re pretty sure he is the only character on this show that isn’t deceitful. Sure, he has some issues, but at least he’s honest about them. For the most part.

Dynasty recap 1x12

Cristal certainly isn’t one to back down from a fight, so she once again confronts her husband. This time she seems to have a bit more evidence to throw at him. Only for it to be thrown back in her face when Blake calls Cristal out for all her family drama. We are in no way sticking up for Cristal’s drama, because holy shit there was a lot, but the two situations don’t really have much to do with each other. Good thing Cristal is the better person and takes down the Senator without taking down Blake in the process.

High stakes

While we were a little worried with Fallon and her risky bet, we had faith that she would come out on top. To be fair, the woman usually does, so our faith in her was pretty reliable. But we do also have to admit that seeing Fallon basically prostitute herself was a little shocking. Things could have gone so wrong and we wouldn’t have been too surprised by that turn of events either. When it comes to gambling and Dynasty, all bets are off. Pun absolutely intended.

Dynasty recap 1x12

Things weren’t looking too great for Fallon until Monica came along. Without meaning to, Monica was actually the reason that Fallon was able to get the upper hand. They even seem to make up as friends. Well, for what Fallon passes as the bond of friendship. While Monica told Fallon how she felt about being Fallon’s bestie, we couldn’t help agreeing with the sentiment. Fallon does tend to just want someone to listen to her complain, and never seems willing to return the favor. One sided friendships don’t last.

Sibling rivalry

Things are getting intense with Monica and Jeff. One moment they seem to be on the same side and the next Monica is slapping her brother silly. But five more minutes later, and it’s revealed that the fighting is also for show. Our heads were beginning to spin with the back and forth. Monica goes from being angry that Jeff didn’t tell her about his plans, to wanting in on them. But then she slaps him, only to turn around and reveal it was for Michael’s benefit. So now Michael is being pulled into the event of Colby versus Carrington. The absolute worst part is the one person Jeff is after is the only one he isn’t hurting with his plans.

Dynasty recap 1x12

What do you think of Jeff and Monica teaming up against the Carringtons? Do you think there are other things Blake is lying to Cristal about? When will Fallon find out about Jeff and Monica playing her in a ploy for revenge? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Watch Dynasty Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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