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Best of ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5: Darkness and Hell

I think it’s obvious that 5A was one of my favorite arcs ever on the show (excluding all of the gloriousness that was season 3). I like seeing Emma and Hook’s dark side. Wasn’t Dark Captain Swan just really awesome?! 5B felt lacking to me, but we had some really important episodes throughout season 5. Also, this season made me cry a lot. Like a real lot. Also, sorry not sorry, but this has a whole lot of Captain Swan.

 “Firebird” 5×20


My heart felt like it was ripped from my chest during this episode, but goodness, it was such a great episode. We got to learn more about Emma’s backstory of how she got to be a bail bonds woman. That was something I had always been interested in learning about, and I am so glad we got that little insight into her life after she gave birth to Henry. We also saw her don her red leather jacket—in a way, it was the backstory of her jacket. Epic.

This was also the episode were Captain Swan became super canon and end game. That’s right: Emma and Killian were confirmed true love, which is the most powerful of love in all of the realms. This is how you OTP! Amazing. However, this episode was also heartbreaking. In an effort to save Killian and bring him back to the world of the living, Killian realizes a starting revelation. He wouldn’t be able to go back with Emma. So he broke the news to her and made her promise to not put her walls back up because she was losing him. She promised him and told him to move on from the Underworld. I honestly cried so much during this episode. It was devastating. I never felt this way towards any T.V. scene before. The way Emma didn’t want to let go of his hand as she was lifted up the elevator….MY HEART.

 “Birth” 5×08


Can I just say this episode was INSANE!? I seriously never saw it coming. I am referring to Emma turning Hook into a Dark One, of course. It was trying time, and she didn’t want to lose Killian, so she did the only thing she could do. She saved his life, but also bounded him to excalibur alongside her. He insisted she not, as he didn’t think he would be strong enough to deal with the darkness, but she couldn’t live without him. After all, it was only recently revealed that Killian was picking out houses for them—to build a future together in Storybrooke. FEEELLSS.

Everything kind of went to hell after that when Zelena dropped that little secret on him in Storybrooke. He wasn’t really happy about it. I, however, was super pumped to see the Dark One dynamics between the two of them, which ended up hurting my heart a little….Also, can we talk about the fact Emma literally had a dungeon in her basement and chained her boyfriend up in it? Lol.

“Swan Song” 5×11


It’s been over two years, and I still want to throw my T.V. out the window and cry my eyes out. Is that overdramatic or…? Despite another heart break, this episode was everything. Because I really loved Dark Hook. He was such a savage, but I really dug that. I would have been onboard with more Dark Hook.

The rest of Storybrooke is in fear though because Hook totally wants to banish them all to the Underworld. Oh, poor, Dark Hook. It’s not your fault. You know who’s fault it is? Cough, Rumple. Whatever, not important. As the whole gang awaits their journey to the Underworld, Emma manages to break through to Hook. It just proves how strong their love for one another is. It literally broke Killian out of the darkness. Your OTP could never! Unfortunately, it’s not all a happy good time when he snaps out of it. He gives Emma excalibur, telling her she has to kill him to save everyone else. “Let me die a hero. That’s the man I want you to remember me as.” I know I just said I cried real hard during “Firebird,” but I also cried a whole lot during this scene. Seeing Emma so heart broken when they wheeled Killian away on the stretcher, KILLED ME. Oh my gosh. And the fact that Killian did it to save everyone *sobs*.

 “Last Rites” 5×21


Okay, we’re moving onto a more happy-ish episode. Who am I kidding? This episode was also shattering. Actually, everything about season 5 was sad. With Hades on the loose in Storybrooke, and Emma still grieving the loss of Killian, Storybrooke is kind of a sucky place to live. The Underworld is no better as Killian and King Arthur team up, which was a bromance that I didn’t think I would like, but did.

You want to know how strong Killian and Emma’s love is? Strong enough for Killian to convey a message to Emma as to how to defeat Hades. That scene was powerful and sad because the way Emma was running her hand over the page of her and Killian showed how much she loved him, loved their story. Let me live. At the end of the episode, we see Zeus and Killian together, and Zeus literally became the Captain Swan Savior, as he sent Killian back to where he belonged. IN EMMA’S ARMS! Their reunion was beautiful. However, we also lost Robin during this episode, which was totally uncalled for. But I get why he died; he did it to save Regina, and that’s really awesome if you get past the grief.

 “The Dark Swan” 5×01


This was a pretty solid premiere, if I do say so myself. I liked seeing the gang travel to Camelot to save Emma. It was also amazing to see how much Killian grounded Emma when she tried to kill Merida. If anyone can get through to Emma, it’s him, and I think that’s relationship goals right there.

Also, the scene where Zelena cuts of her hand is hilarious. That was so extra; I loved it. The ending was pretty insane too. Weeks have gone by, and we see that Emma has really embraced the role of the Dark One. She vows to make them all pay for failing her. Woah, girl.

Wow, season 5 was kind of depressing. Nevertheless, I think it was the most action packed season. Also, it was abundant in Captain Swan, which is always a good thing in my book. What was your favorite episode? Are you crying or is it just me? Sound off below, or tweet me to fangirl about these episodes!

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