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‘The Flash’ recap – 4×13 “True Colors”

The Flash episode “True Colors” aired 6 Feb 2018.

Welcome back! How are you all holding on after last week’s cliffhanger?

All about the disguise

Iris brings Cecile to her daily talk with Barry, but Barry isn’t there. Warden – who’s name is Gregory Wolfe – makes up an excuse, but Cecile reads his thoughts and finds the real reason for Barry’s absence. Amunet has struck a deal to buy Barry and the surviving bus metas: Becky Sharpe (Hazard, the bad luck girl), Deacon (Kilgore, the tech dude), Mina (Black Bison) and Rundin (Dwarfstar, last week’s shrinker). Amunet will collect them at midnight.

Ralph gets a visit from some Earl Cox guy with a weird accent. Earl mentions something about gold? Sounds like Ralph used to be up to some underground business. Earl scoffs when Ralph declares he has turned over a new leaf. He says Ralph will always screw up eventually and let people down. A preoccupied Ralph rants to Team Flash and actually morphs himself into Earl.

Iris has Ralph morph into Wolfe to meet Amunet and call off the deal. Technically Ralph’s polymerised cells shouldn’t be able to change their skin color… Anyway, Ralps plays the “hardass” part pretty well – something to do with whatever Earl was talking about, perhaps? However, he is unable to maintain the disguise and barely escapes Amunet’s lair.

The Great Escape

I’m going to start calling the random white room the DeVoes do all their plotting in the “Thinkerspace”. How does that sound, Cisco?

Marlize says Amunet buying the metas isn’t part of their plan. Dominic-Clifford is, for once, stumped, for there are too many variables. He senses Marlize’s doubt and brings it up. Marlize is visibly discomforted, and starts to play a song from the couple’s first dance to block her husband out. Dominic-Clifford vows to “erase every doubt from [Marlize’s] head”. Something tells me he means that literally.

Meanwhile, Barry plans his prison break. He chokes his toilet bowl with food and steals some stuff from the plumber who comes to fix it. He whips up some solution that unlocks all the bus metas’ cells. Becky initially hesitates, saying her powers will only hurt others, but Barry insists she comes with them. Recalling things the warden and plumber mentioned, he figures the meta wing is built over an old part of Iron Heights, and they can follow the pipes out. The quintet enter the sewers.


The metas encounter a random worker. Deacon, Rundin and Bison all want to kill him so he can’t snitch. Barry punches the guy’s lights out and orders them to duct tape him, but not kill. He breaks his hand in the process. Becky helps him bind it and notes that he doesn’t seem like a murderer.

Side note: Becky complains about prison jumpsuits and says “Orange is not the new anything.” That’s a nice line, but the Iron Heights garb isn’t even orange.

Too late

Team Flash resort to outright breaking into Iron Heights to rescue Barry. Ralph’s confidence is shaken by his close call with Amunet. He decides to sit out least he screw up the operation. Caitlin triggers Killer Frost, who gives Ralph a really harsh pep talk, but it works. He still doesn’t join the break-Barry-out-by-force op, but has a lightbulb.

The metas eventually make it out of the meta wing and regain their powers. They are met by Wolfe, who was alerted after Ralph’s slip up. Wolfe hits Barry with the dampening boot. Bison, Deacon and Rundin advance towards him, but the warden reveals Barry’s identity as The Flash. The metas turn on Barry.

Becky defends Barry and sets off a chain reaction that knocks all the other metas out. Amunet shows up and realises Wolfe lied about the metas being secure in the cells. Becky’s powers cause the release of a gas canister. Amunet takes out Wolfe’s men as she collapses.

Then, Thinker flies in with his chair. He takes the bus metas’ powers and kills them all, except for Becky, whose body he takes on. Noooooo, she was just having so much great development!

Becky-Clifford kills Wolfe and disappears. Vibe and Killer Frost breach in, but they’ve missed all the action. Barry, self-righteous as ever, phases back into his regular cell. He only considered breaking out so the metas wouldn’t end up with Amunet.

Dead men

Ralph gatecrashes Barry’s court appeal as Clifford Devoe. The judge is stumped, but orders Barry’s release. It’s about time! Barry muses that Thinker only wanted the bus metas. The team realise Ralph is in danger.

Back in the Thinkerspace, Marlize questions her husband’s actions. They had planned to wait until all the bus metas were found and imprisoned before taking their powers. She was also disturbed by the murder of Wolfe.

Remember the Weeper from Girls’ Night Out? The guy who ran away, supposedly never to be seen again? Well, Becky-Clifford somehow has his love drug tears. He uses it to spike some liquor and offers it to Marlize so she becomes unguarded.


I’ve mentioned that this season may end up being a married couple battle between Westallen and the DeVoes. Marlize’s attempts to prevent Clifford reading her thoughts reminded me of Joe and Cecile last week. Yet again, the DeVoes are compared and contrasted to another couple. This is shaping into something really interesting.


  • Earl to Ralph: You’ve gone all Zac Efron on me!
  • Deacon: From now on, I only commit legal crime.
    Becky: Legal crime?
    Deacon: The stock market.
  • Ralph to Killer Frost, about friendship: I wouldn’t expect you to know. You kidnap and stab all your friends.

By the way, The Flash now has a 2 week hiatus. See you February 27th!

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