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Season 3b ‘Supergirl’ Predictions

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 13, “Both Sides Now” Aired February 5, 2018.

Hello, Superfans! Now that last night’s episode premiered, I wanted to take some time and talk about things we are all thinking. Let’s get into predictions for the second half of the season!

1. Peace out Mon-El


We all know I am not a huge fan of Mon-El. I am a firm believe, that the characters in the episode must further the plot. Mon-El and Saturn Girl are a distraction. The whole Legion is at this point. Does their presence lead to an important plot point? At this rate, I don’t think so.

Prediction: The Legion will leave now that they have their engine. They will leave Kara with one important piece of information in the future. Saturn Girl, Mon-El, and Kara will all get closure in the last few episodes.

2. Mama Alex


This next is prediction is a very popular one in the fandom and I would have to agree. It involves our favorite agent, Alex.

Prediction: Reign will leave and Alex will get custody of Ruby. At this point anyone would be a better parent for Ruby than Sam. She just leaves her daughter alone at an ice rink. Lena had to come rescue her.

“There is something wrong with my Mom.”

We all know Ruby is extremely intelligent. She has noticed her Mother’s changes for months. The Legion revealed Reign eventually will leave, but they don’t know how. At this rate it would be safer for Alex to take care of Ruby.

3. Supergirl defeats one World Killer


Why did I say Supergirl will defeat “one” World killer? Purity was introduced this week. She and her human side were at war with each other for control. This gives Supergirl hope that she can reason with them.

Prediction: One of the three World Killers will perish.

Most believe the third World Killer will be someone we know. I hope it is Silver Banshee, just saying. Once they are revealed, here the events that will follow.

  • One World Killer will die.
  • The second (probably Sam) will leave.
  • The third one (probably Shauna) will be saved.

4. Lena learns the truth and saves everyone.


For reasons unbeknownst to us, Lena has not figured out that Kara is Supergirl. Tonight, Lena figured out at least one secret. Sam is Reign. Shocking, I know! Before Sam even turned into Reign, Lena had figured it out.

Prediction: Lena will play an intricate part to defeating Reign.

  1. Lena will have to break the news to Sam.
  2. Lena will begin to study Sam at Lex Corp.
  3. She will probably not tell anyone else about this.

We all know she won’t tell anyone else! Sam will beg her not to. Then the reveal will come out later. It will probably be too late when it does, but oh well. There wouldn’t be a story without it.

What do you think about these predictions? What are your predictions? Do you think any of them will come to pass? Sound off in the comments!

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