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‘Riverdale’ 2×13: The unraveling of Betty Cooper

Riverdale Season 2, Episode 13, “Chapter Twenty-Six: Tell-Tale Heart,” Aired Feb. 7, 2018

The gang is deep in the drama in this episode. Jughead is trying to save the trailer park, the Lodges are playing mobster, Veronica is torn, Cheryl is trying to pry her mother off of Hal Cooper, and Archie’s FBI issue turns out to be Lodge related, but nobody has it worse than Betty Cooper.

After the events of 2×12, it’s no wonder that Betty Cooper is on edge. If you recall, she arrived home after a lovely night with Jughead to a horrific scene. While she was out, Alice and Chic got into a scuffle with a stranger at the door and it ended in blood.

Betty pleaded with her mom to call the police, but Alice insisted on cleaning up the blood and hiding the body. They begin to scrub the house and thanks to some angles, and camera work we really feel like we are in Betty’s head as she obsessively wipes the bowl of apples, even after her mom says they were untouched. Director Julie Plec nailed it.

One thing that Betty Cooper’s already fragile mental state did not need was an unnecessary dose of paranoia, but that’s just what she got. At first, Alice tries to keep Betty out of it, but Betty wants to protect her mom. Betty and Alice bleach and clean the house extensively and that’s when we start to see Betty come undone.

With the body hidden away in an old sewer pipe, the problem is gone for Alice, but Betty can’t seem to let it go. After she hears that there’s another body found, Betty digs her nails into her palms and gets sick. She hurries back to the body to make sure it’s still there, and finds a phone on the body.

That’s when her issues kick into high gear. She begins combing through the phone and even goes as far as calling the numbers in it to identity the dead guy. She can’t let it go and we fear it’s going to get her caught. Once she realizes it’s too much for her to handle, she tells Jughead.

Once Jughead is in the loop, Betty can relax a bit, but the struggle is not over yet. Jughead fills in FP and he takes care of the body. FP assures him that the whole thing is taken care of, but we have a feeling that this isn’t the end of this dead guy or of Betty’s unraveling.

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