‘The Good Doctor’ 1×14 recap: “She”

The Good Doctor 1×14 recap: Season 1, Episode 14, “She,” aired Feb. 6, 2018.

A new doctor is in town, and she’s literally the worst. Like every episode of The Good Doctor, this episode touched on a very important issue, and it was handled with a lot of grace. Not that I’m surprised; every episode handles tough and important topics with a lot of respect. Also, I’m waiting for Claire to snap at Morgan. Please. Let’s dig in!

Paging Dr. Fake

A new face comes to play in this episode. Since Coyle’s departure, his resident, Morgan, joined the rest of the residents we’ve come to know. She is determined and confident; I’ll give her that. However, she is what I like to call “a snake.” Just think of that one person in high school who had an invisible stage light on them at all times. That’s Morgan.

When the surgeons and residents team up, Claire is assigned with Morgan and Melendez. Their patient has passed out and is concerned about his children. To which Morgan tells him this is a great vacation from the twins. She couldn’t have been more uncaring if she tried. The man is quick to tell her that his wife has passed, and the girls are all he has. Claire was beyond flabbergasted at her lack of empathy towards the patient. I would not want a doctor like Morgan. Nope.

Can we also talk about the fact that she bribes people to get what she wants? Then proceeds to say bribery is human decency. What world are you living it where bribery makes you a good person? I want to live in that world then. Goodness. She’s also quick to tell Claire that they will not be friends; they are competition and basically she’s going to destroy Claire. She doesn’t want to have girl talk or paint each others nails. I don’t think Claire would ever want to hang out with her. Seems like someone needs to calm down their ego a bit.

Andrews and his attitude

Andrews has been getting on my nerves lately. It just seems like the power is getting to his head, and he also needs to chill out on his ego. His wife and him are attempting to get pregnant, but it seems as if it’s a dead end. His wife is upset, rightly so, but Andrews doesn’t seem to bothered with the fact they can’t conceive. In fact, when she tells him she’s worried they waited to long, he shrugs his shoulders. Says that they had other goals. If I was his wife, that would’ve been the perfect time to throw a class of water in his face. All soap opera like.

Later, it is revealed that the reason they can’t conceive is because Andrew’s sperm count is low. That kind of puts everything in perspective for him. Pity that something as heart breaking as that shakes him out of the trance he was in. The doctor tells him that it’s nobody’s fault, and not going to lie, that kind of made me feel bad for the man. It was like that scene where Monica and Chandler from Friends learned they couldn’t have children. Ugh.


Jared and Shaun are tasked to a patient with testicular cancer, who upon further revelation, is a transgender female. The grandma, who sucks as a grandma, guys, insists that Quinn is merely going through a phase. That’s awful that her grandma is so ignorant and unaccepting. Shaun finds this all hard to wrap his head around, insisting on referring to call Quinn a male still. Jared has to continually tell him that Quinn is who she wants to be, but Shaun doesn’t understand.

Eventually, Shaun comes to terms with it all, and he even has a talk with her about finding yourself. It was a sweet moment because Shaun really wanted to hear her side of things. The grandma could take some tips from Shaun. Transgender rights is such an important subject in the world today, and the writers handled this storyline with so much grace and acceptance. Their message is to be yourself and to follow who you are. It was awesome that Quinn’s parents were so supportive of her too.

At the end of the episode, we see Shaun lying in the pool. When his neighbor asks him what he’s doing, Shaun is understanding and thinking. His character growth is so amazing. He’s always learning and willing to accept people.

Random ramblings

Claire deserves so much better! The fact she keeps getting things thrown at her is making me so livid. She’s such a great character with so much to offer, and people need to lay off her and give her a chance to shine. The worst part was after treating her patient and saving his life, the patient tells his children to thank the doctors, not even remembering Claire’s name. You know, the one who actually cared. Instead, Morgan gloated as if she just saved his life because she was oh so concerned. She’s the worst. Literally, who even is this chick? The actress does such a great job at making her unlikable because she seems like a cool person in real life!

Also, anyone else sensing some tension between Melendez and Claire? Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a little something there. Melendez is really looking out for Claire, as seen when he tells her to read Morgan’s essay to basically beat her. It was the underlying message.

There’s three weeks until a new episode. WHY??? Overall, this episode was really touching and also really aggravating. With Morgan’s arrival, there is sure to be drama abound. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below or tweet me because I am all about talking TV!


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