‘Falling Water’ exclusive sneak peek clips for episode 2×05, “Promotion”

Falling Water Season 2, Episode 5, “Promotion,” Airs Feb 3, 2018
Things certainly aren’t getting any easier for our dream team as they delve deeper into the investigation of the Shadowman. But don’t lose yourself in the dream world just yet! We’ve got some exclusive clips of tonight’s episode just for you!

Dream pods

In our first clip, we’ve got Tess and Burton continuing their investigation with Boerg tagging along. Or leading them. We still aren’t sure where he stands. Check out the introduction of the pods below!

More dreamers

From the looks of things, this season is going to bring us a bigger population in the dream world. Check out some of the new faces! Hint, one of them is played by JR Bourne (Teen Wolf)! While we’re just as excited as you, we’re pretty sure he isn’t the good guy. You can decide for yourself with the clip below.

Bloody danger

Not only are there going to be more dreamers, but there are clearly going to be some more killers as well. But who’s going to take the fall when the Shadowman is convincing people to do his deeds for them through their dreams? Check out the clip below to see who we will need to be wary of!

How excited are you for this episode? Have we finally seen the actual face of the Shadowman, or is this just another one of his puppets? What is it that the Shadowman wants? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Don’t forget to check in with Pure Fandom every day for all your entertainment needs too!

You can catch the all new episode of Falling Water on USA Network tonight at 10/9c! Be sure to follow along with my live tweets while you watch at @Sarah_Jeanne17!

(Featured image via Ben Mark/USA Network, GIFs via gifs.com)


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