Marcus Rosner discusses his new role as a cowboy contestant on ‘UnREAL’

You may know him as Max Fuller from Arrow, Dash from Supernatural, or even Jurgen on Once Upon A Time. But get ready to meet Marcus Rosner as a whole new character! The next time you see him will be on Lifetime’s series, UnREAL. Rosner will be playing the part of Warren–a new contestant to the show, and a cowboy too!

Keep reading below to get an inside view into what we can expect from the newest season and Rosner’s character!

SARAH CUDLIPP, PURE FANDOM: What attracted you to play this role on UnREAL?

MARCUS: I’ve always wanted to play a cowboy. I’ve had the opportunity a couple of times in the past, but never to this degree with this many episodes or on this popular of a show. I’m from Alberta, Canada, which is more or less the Texas of Canada. I just always felt a connection to that rural sort of lifestyle. So when this opportunity presented itself, I went after it all the way.

We know that Warren is going to be a cowboy, but is there anything else you can tell us about him?

Warren is from Texas. He is a rancher for beef cattle. His mother is sick, and before she may pass away, he wants to find someone to settle down with to make his mother happy. So he comes to L.A. to be one Everlasting and hopefully find love.

How do you think Warren will match up with the new female lead?

I think it’s an interesting mix, because she is from Silicon Valley and she is very much a liberal and Warren is definitely a conservative. So, I think that there is some friction there in their relationship right from the start. Along with just the entire setting that he’s placed in. I think he has a little trouble adjusting to being on the West Coast and around television cameras.

Was there anything really challenging about taking on this specific role?

Well, in the audition, they wanted the character to play the harmonica. He’s trying to hit on the lead and he plays a little riff on his harmonica. I had no idea how to play the harmonica. I had three days off and I stayed at my hotel room with a little harmonica I bought at a pawn shop and watched YouTube videos and taught myself how to play “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. Honestly, I think that’s what got me the part ultimately. The funny thing is, the first day of shooting they decided to cut that out of the character. So, I don’t play harmonica in the show at all.

Are there any ways you feel you personally relate to the character of Warren?

Warren is exceptionally principled, and I try to pride myself on being principled like that. He sees things in a very black and white nature. I think he’s put off by behavior that he sees as bad. With a show like this, there are a lot of gray areas as far as morality goes, and I think that confuses him. He comes from a simple place, and he wants to live a simple life and I think there is part of that I can relate to.

If I can pick your brain a bit about some of your past roles, how much fun was it going up against Stephen Amell and Colin Donnell in your scenes on Arrow?

Of course! You know, I think that was the third professional gig I ever had. We filmed that club scene on my 23rd birthday. I was on top of the world. At that time, I thought all these things may, or could, happen. But honestly, it was such a great experience and one that I’m always going to remember. Colin Donnell is still to this day one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. Stephen Amell was carrying the weight of a show that hadn’t even aired yet and this was going to be his big opportunity. He was incredibly gracious with his time and honestly gave me a lot of good advice about being an actor. He was just great.

You’ve been on Arrow, Supernatural, Once Upon A Time and so many other shows. What has been your favorite character to play so far?

I loved playing Warren. I really did. The opportunity to be on a project that you yourself find interesting, entertaining, and relevant, and honestly important is very rare in this industry. There’s a lot of work and there’s a lot of TV, but I think, from a subjective standpoint as an artist, there is not a lot that speaks to you personally. This is something that really did for me. I love things that take the veil back off the industry itself–sort of show them to everybody for the good and the bad that exist under the smoke and mirrors.

If you could offer your fans just one thing about you, what would it be? 

I’m just a guy trying to make his mom proud. She had me very young and proving that decision right has always been a big driving force in my life. It plays a part in every decision I make. It’s my own personal biggest truth. You become a team, best friends in a way. It’s just always been great fuel.

Marcus Rosner was amazingly humble and kind. He was fearless when it came to opening up about himself. We can’t wait to see his talent shine when UnREAL returns for an all new season! 

You can catch UnREAL and Marcus Rosner on Lifetime Monday, Feb. 26 at 10/9c!

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