‘The Resident’ recap 1×03 “Comrades in Arms”

The Resident recap Season 1, Episode 3, “Comrades in Arms”, Aired January 29th, 2018

Before we really get into the breakdown, let’s discuss the wildly impressive bike riding we got to se from Conrad. Also, Warren Christie. We don’t need to say much more than that. But we will, because this episode was even more exciting than the last. The Resident is on an upward trajectory, and we are so happy to be a witness to it! If you aren’t watching this one, you’re missing out! Let’s get into it!

The Resident recap 1x03

Biking badass

We already know Conrad is a badass, but seeing him snap bones that are sticking out of legs back into place with a smile, has us staring in shock. It certainly doesn’t surprise us that Conrad also has badass friends like Jude. This is where Conrad and Jude come across their fellow biker with the leg bone incident. But it turns out to be a happy accident, as they discover a bigger problem. Hank has had over twenty four beers, enough to paralyze his entire liver. Yikes! Side note, we aren’t impressed with the appearance of a possible love triangle with Jude, Conrad, and Nic. No matter how much we love Jude.

The Resident recap 1x03

But things turn a bit to the heart warming side of things when Hank asks for help and reveals that he has struggled with alcoholism his whole life. While we feel bad for Hank and want to see him get better, you can’t help those who don’t truly want to help themselves. A point that is really driven home when Hank is found drinking at a bar. If anyone knows that you can’t save everyone, it’s Conrad. But it’s an awful think to see Hank drinking again after all of that. Especially since we know how it will more than likely end for him.

For morality or money

Conrad is always caring about others, but he takes immediate notice of fellow worker, Louisa. She’s working at the hospital while attending med school. Louisa has a suspicious pain right from the beginning, but Conrad is the one who insists he take a look. But before he can, Louisa collapses. Conrad and Devon immediately rush to her aid, but with the hospital so concerned about money, the head honchos request her insurance be checked first. Don’t you think the hospital should at least take care of their own? No? It’s allabout charging people more for their treatment. Make people think their health is worse than it is, in order to upcharge them. Real nice industry we’ve got.

The Resident recap 1x03

When it turns out that not only does Louisa need surgery, but is also an undocumented immigrant, things go from bad to worse. She needs that surgery, or deportation will be the least of her concerns. But good old Bell is up to his antics again.  After trying to pawn off Louisa on other surrounding hospitals so they won’t have to foot the bill themselves, Bell flat out refuses to do the surgery.

Unacceptable circumstances

As usual, when Bell goes up against Conrad, it doens’t work out for the older doctor. Conrad finds a way to get Louisa the surgery. Mainly by getting Okafor to do the surgery with Jude’s signature and a great distraction tecnique for Immigration by Conrad and Devon. Nice teamwork! While the surgery was smooth sailing, Louisa was unable to get out of bed after and the hospital is now in for some hefty medical costs. Like two million dollars worth. Oops? One thing is for sure, the staff is going to be hurting to pay for Louisa’s surgery.

The Resident recap 1x03

The upswing in prices is really affecting patients and staff as Okafor is told her patient’s surgery was cancelled so he could get an MRI first. We’re oh so sure it was just to be safe. This monetary nonsense has gone past ridiculous. Mostly because we know it’s a real problem. But now it’s up to Nic to once again save the day. She’s able to find the woman responsible for all these money grabbing decisions and tell her some important information. If money hungry Barb had bothered to look at the patient’s information, she would have seen that he couldn’t possibly have the MRI. He has a metal implant. Since this was a mistake that would have cost the hospital a whole hell of a lot more than two million dollars, Barb is fired.

Major concerns

While we dislike Doctor Bell, we’re still pretty intrigued by what’s going on with his shaky hands. It seems he has begun taking some type of medication for the problem. But the consequences, or side effects, could prove to be worse.

The Resident recap 1x03

Nic is still concerned with what’s going on with Doctor Hunter and her patients. But we trust in her, and if she has concerns, then we definitely do too. Her concerns, and ours, are proven right when Lily is later wheeled by on a stretcher. Maybe Doctor Hunter’s decisions are going to prove as bad as those of Doctor Bell. Nic is always in Conrad’s corner. Maybe now it’s Conrad’s turn to be in Nic’s corner.

The Resident recap 1x03

What’s going to happen to Lily? What will Bell do to Conrad in lieu of the two million dollars the hospital is out? What is going on with Bell, his hand tremors, and these dangerous meds he is on? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch The Resident Mondays at 9/8c on FOX, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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