‘Falling Water’ recap 2×04 “Drom”

Falling Water recap Season 2, Episode 4, “Drom”, Aired January 27th, 2018

Things are really beginning to heat up for our dream team! Not only have we added a few new allies and some amazing new tech, but we’ve got some sinister new clues as well! The stakes are just continuing to get higher for our group! Check out our recap below for the breakdown!

Falling Water recap 2x04

Never ending nightmare

Taka has a nightmare that has all of our hearts breaking for him all over again. Not only does he see Sabine and stare at her in wonder, but his mother is still alive as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the illusion of Kumiko and Sabine to disappear. The heartwrenching yell that comes out of Taka had us reaching for the tissues.

Falling Water recap 2x04

Things get even wierder for Alex and Taka as they are keeping a close eye on the mystery RV. A man randomly walks into the middle of the street singing  to himself. While this may not seem so strange for the city, the man having a gun takes things to a whole other level. Even though Taka and Alex try to stop him, the man shoots himself. But the shock factor only increases as Taka notices a man that reminds him of the Shadowman is seen walking away. Naturally, Taka takes off after the figure, but just ends up with a head injury for his troubles.


Taka uses his opportunity of being in the hospital with a concussion as the perfect time to convince Alex about entering the dream world. Because if she didn’t believe you before the head injury, the concussion is sure to convince her. Cue the eyeroll. Come on, Taka! You’re going to have to be more convincing than that! In case you haven’t noticed, Alex is a bit of a hardass and even more of a realist.

Falling Water recap 2x04

But maybe Taka’s concussion kind of is the key after all. At least, it’s the reason that Alex ends up close enough for Taka for him to enter into her dream. While playing dream baseball together, Taka is finally able to turn Alex into a believer. Man, if we had known a concussion really was the key to Alex turning over a new leaf in the dreamer believer manual, we would have wished a head injury on Taka ages ago! Whatever, we’re just glad to have Alex finally becoming a part of the team. At least, we hope she’ll be a part of the team now!

Maternal instincts

Tess is still having trouble letting James out of her sight. But honestly, we really can’t blame her. Not only did she spend a whole season searching for her son while also being told he didn’t exist, but he is still in danger. This group really can’t seem to catch a break, but it seems to truly be wearing on Tess. We really think it’s a good think Burton is able to convince her to ease up on James a little bit. She can keep an eye on him without being on top of him.

Falling Water recap 2x04

Tess is only made more anxious by the appearance of Bill. Even though he says he is back to help Tess, Burton, and Taka, he starts off on the wrong foot by asking about James. Tess is one mama bear that is more than ready to attack. Also, was anyone else getting some serious creeper vibes off this guy? He was way too excited to see Tess again. Calm it down, pal. But Tess has no choice but to trust Bill for now as he is offering the group an interesting new prospect. It seems he has access to some new dreamer pods. If they are used, the group will no longer have to be right next to someone they want to enter dreams with.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Have we mentioned that we absolutely love having these three reunited on our screens? Because we definitely do. Every time they get together to talk about what’s happening and what their next moves are going to be, we get a bit dazzled by the sight. The only thing that could make it better would be having Alex join the team. We have a feeling that it won’t be too long until we get that sight. With being off work, Taka is able to do some research on a company called Drom. He thinks there is a distinct possibility that they are connected to the Shadowman. Anything is worth a shot at this point, right? We think so too!

Falling Water recap 2x04

Our team splits into two groups. We’re just going to count Alex as a part of the team right now. Alex and Taka continue to investigate the mysterious RV that sat outside Taka’s apartment. Meanwhile, Tess and Burton tackle the mystery that is Drom. Thought Tess and Burton seem to be at a dead end, the computer system suddenly allows them entry into the building. It seems Boerg has returned and is interested in helping the group out this time around. We’ll reserve judgement for now on whether or not we can trust him.

What kind of secrets are the pods going to help the group reveal? What is Taka going to do about Sabine and the murder of his mother? Now that Alex truly is a believer, will she become a real part of the team and help the others fight the Shadowman? Does Bill have any ulterior motives to helping our heroes? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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