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‘The Flash’ recap – 4×12: “Honey, I shrunk Team Flash”

The Flash episode “Honey, I shrunk Team Flash” aired 30 January 2017.

Does anyone else find it a little odd how we haven’t seen the DeVoes for 2 straight episodes? After’s last week’s detour, The Flash headed back to the highway this week by bringing back the bus metas storyline. Still, it does not feel completely back on track.

What do you think?

We find out almost immediately that Cecile can now read people’s thoughts and NO ONE brings up the fact that it is the exact same ability Clifford DeVoe now has. Oh no, the DA skips around town mining gossip from random people’s thoughts.

Anyway, her powers stem from latent dark matter from the OG particle accelerator explosion in her brain. Cecile’s pregnancy is triggering this dark matter. Ergo, her powers are only temporary.

Cecile is thrilled to have these powers. However, Joe is uncomfortable that she can read his thoughts and starts to block her out. Iris sends them to The Relationship Counsellor, but later shows to be a more competent counsellor herself. She prompts Cecile to talk to Joe about how he feels. The older couple reconcile.

P.S. it’s a girl.

P.P.S. Cisco really loves Bulbasaur.

Small matter

Harry is frustrated. The team managed to free Barry from the speedforce in a week, but still haven’t gotten him out of prison. Worry not, Barry is living the inmate life. Exhibit A: using Flash powers to cheat at poker and win pudding. And he’s still rockin’ that beanie.

Another inmate remarks that Dave only shoots unarmed men. Curious, Barry bugs Dave until the big guy confesses. Some other guy shot a security guard while stealing from Mercury Labs. Dave heard the gunshot and ran to help, but was mistaken as the shooter because they have the same build. Barry, of course, puts the team on the case.

Around the same time, Bert Rundin shrinks and pockets an entire research center. Joe, Cisco and Ralph head to his apartment to investigate and notice his detailed figurine collection. When Joe reveals they know he stole a whole building, Rundin jumps out of his window to get away. His curtains are a parachute. That’s actually pretty smart. When Joe, Cisco and Ralph try to give chase, Rundin shrinks the latter two.


If we were a movie

Dave is skeptical about getting vindicated. Too bad he is talking to Barry “well I married to the woman of my dreams, therefore life is a movie with a happy ending” Allen. Eventually, Dave starts to get excited about life after prison too.

Mini Cisco and Ralph now inhabit the Lego model of Iris’ death from last season. Harry has modified the speedforce bazooka to be an “embiggenning” bazooka. Despite Iris’ inhibitions, all the guys decide to use the bazooka on Cisco and Ralph without prior testing. It doesn’t work, except to destabalize their cells. If they don’t regain normal size in an hour, they will literally explode.

After a pep talk from mini Cisco, Harry realises Rundin can unshrink Cisco and Ralph. The team go to confront Rundin. The meta smashes Cisco and Ralph’s drone and crashes Iris’ van. In a cool action sequence, Harry goes head to head with Rundin and taunts the meta into shooting at him. Cisco breaches himself and Ralph into Harry’s pocket – and the way of the beam. They are normal sized again! Iris fires the meta-dampener cuff thing.

Unfortunately for Dave, Rundin refuses to confess. Barry takes things into his own hands and Flashes Dave to a Chinese village the man said he’d wanted to live. Big Sir gets his movie ending, but not Barry. The prison warden got suspicious of his “peddling hope” and fixed an extra camera outside Barry’s cell. He found out Barry is the Flash and drugs him. With Barry in a metahuman cell, the warden then contacts Amunet. Ooooh what’s gonna happen to him?


  • “The tech companies in this city are robbed at a rate second only to Star City.”
  • “Why does every villain in this city have a name that sounds like it came out of a comic book?” Maybe because they did come out of a comic book, Iris.

Do you love The Flash as much as Barry loves pudding? Run to our Flash Zone and satisfy your craving!

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