The 7 best moments from the ‘Shameless’ season 8 finale

Shameless season 8 finale: Episode 12, “Sleepwalking,” Aired Jan. 28, 2018

It’s already that time Shameless fans! Hard to believe that the season finale has already arrived! What kind of crazy shenanigans will go down this week? We’ve got the 7 best moments and questions for next season!

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#1. Here comes the bride.

Svetlana kidnapped her Russian nemesis so that she can marry her husband. The guy is old and hasn’t noticed that Svetlana replaced who he thought he was marrying. Kev and V even help by picking the girls mom up at the airport and drugging her with valium. Svetlana asks Kevin to walk her down the aisle. Of course, he’s beside himself with pride. These three are hilarious.

#2. Southside’s most wanted: Gay Jesus

Thanks to Ian’s shenanigans, he now has a warrant out for his arrest. Fiona and Lip both think he’s off his meds. To be honest, we’d have to agree with them. He’s acting a lot like manic Monica. He’s not thinking about things before he does them and putting everyone at risk. Ian decides the best way to go down is to do it swinging. They hold another rally and Ian and all those supporting him are arrested. We wonder how this is going to affect his job as a paramedic.

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#3. Robbery for dummies.

Frank has decided to fund his retirement by robbing Liam’s friends. He counts on Liam to get him the alarm code so he can break in while the family is out of town. They’re taking Liam on vacation with them. The thanks they get is Frank breaking into their house. Unfortunately, the family changes the alarm code so when Frank breaks in the alarm goes off. He can’t shut it off and grabs everything he can before fleeing. The cops chase him and Frank gets the idea to hide. In a porta-potty. We didn’t think Frank could get any more disgusting. We were wrong.

#4. Hit the road freeloaders.

Fiona has had it with the family that has taken over her apartment. She gets a smoke bomb and puts it through the hole that she and Ford cut in the wall to get the dog out. Once outside the woman in her apartment sticks her head out the window and calls Fiona a few choice names. Fiona tells them that the door is open and she suggests they get out before they die from smoke inhalation. Fiona offers them four thousand dollars to leave. She says she’ll also pay them five hundred a month if they swear to never come back. Reluctantly they accept.

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#5. Carl has his balls back.

Well, he eventually gets them back. Kassidi catches him going to the Army surplus store and as punishment, she handcuffs him to the bed. Lucky for Carl, Liam sleepwalks and unlocks him. Carl wakes up and makes a run for it. Kassidi chases the bus but doesn’t make it in time. Carl makes a clean getaway. These two haven’t even been together two months and Carl is already running away. Granted, he needs to, but this isn’t good for wedded bliss.

#6. Debbie’s baby daddy drama.

Derek is getting married. He and his new bride want to share custody of Frannie with Debbie. Debbie tells him where to go of course but then realizes he’ll pay child support. Debbie is afraid that Frannie will call Pippa mom. With Debbie’s foot injury she could definitely use the extra money. Who knows how long it’s going to be before she can work again. She tries talking to Carl about it but he’s a little tied up when she does so he’s not really paying attention. We’ll have to wait and see what she decides but hopefully, she goes for it.

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#7. Heartbreaker Lip.

Lip does some serious soul-searching. He decides that he’s not sure if he can be in a relationship with Sierra. He’s been on drugs or drunk since he was a teenager and he’s just getting his bearings. He wants to learn how to be with himself before he gets into a serious relationship. Dare we say he’s growing up? Well, we thought that until he decides to volunteer to take Eddie’s niece home with him when Eddie splits town. You can’t really learn how to live with yourself if you’re taking care of a pre-teen. Sierra was devastated by the break-up and when she finds out about the kid that’s going to add fuel to that fire.

7 questions for Season 9:

  1. Where are Fiona and Ford headed? This has to be her slowest moving relationship yet. It’s nice to see her taking things slow for a change but is there a future for these two?
  2. With Carl going back to school, how will it affect his and Kassidi’s marriage?
  3. Will Lip become a permanent caregiver for Eddie’s niece? Is his and Sierra’s relationship over for good?
  4. How long will Svetlana’s marriage last?
  5. What’s next for Kevin and Veronica?
  6. Will Debbie allow Derek shared custody of Frannie?
  7. How long will Ian stay in jail? How’s it going to affect his future as an EMT?
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What did you think of this episode of Shameless? It seems like we’re left with more questions than answers after the season finale. Hopefully, season 9 will bring us those answers. We can bet it will be positively Shameless! Tweet us your thoughts at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

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