5 Angry anime characters sure to have you running for cover

Angry anime characters…

There’s so many different ways to describe these characters. We can call them impassioned, enraged, indignant, exacerbated, fierce, and turbulent. What we don’t do is call them any of those descriptors to their face. Once that anger is loosed, we have no choice but to kiss our own butts goodbye!

The first word I reach for when I think about these angry anime characters is explosive. Actually nearly all of my instinctual words have something to do with fire – short fuse, volcanic, combustible, molten, quick flash, mad as hell, blowing steam out of the ears, burning passion. There is something ineffable in the imagery of fire that just connects with anger. When we can’t control it, it detonates. And I don’t know about you but when something detonates I run for cover!

Warning: Minor spoilers may be present. Yet I hope they are minor enough that if you dig the character, then you’ll take a chance on the story.

So how about those angry anime characters…

Kill la Kill – Ryuko Matoi

Angry anime characters - Ryuko Matoi

Gif: Studio Trigger

Angry anime characters can take many forms; they can also take many volumes. Ryuko is mad as hell over the murder of her father. Her violent outbursts start at an 8 and only get louder throughout the series. It seems like the more power she accumulates the louder she gets when her anger blows up all over her opponents. She gets into fights all over the school in pursuit of her goal of finding her father’s murderer. Her anger extends to her need to shout her special techniques which can be overwhelming in a series only 25 episodes long.


Bleach – Ichigo Kurosaki

angry anime characters - Ichigo Kurosaki

Gif: Studio Pierrot

Sometimes the anger comes from something a character cannot fully control or comprehend. This is the case for Ichigo. His inner demon (as it were) is in constant conflict with the mask he dons for the rest of the world. We see this in the scowl he wears, but also in the absolute sense of honor he follows. His anger flairs and he just *has* to jump into the fight. The hollow power inside him incites him from time to time but all good heroes need to pump up the volume when they scream their attacks…BANKAI!


Attack on Titan – Eren Jaeger

angry anime characters - Eren Jaeger

Gif: Funimation

Eren Jaeger may be the ultimate form of an angry anime character. Every problem in Eren’s life can be solved by a good from the depths of your soul yell. Going to dive into a street brawl to rescue a friend – make a primordial howl. Angry that your rations are minuscule – tear off on a nearby military policeman. Can’t get the hang of the 3-D maneuver gear – clinch your gut and growl as loud as possible. His impulses are a raging inferno; no one can control them. Luckily for Eren, this wild disregard for “doing the smart thing” gives him ample opportunity to convince people to join him in his near-suicidal rampages.


My Hero AcademiaKatsuki Bakugo

Gif: Funimation

Okay…Bakugo is a little bit of a cheat in this explosive = angry examination. Bakugo’s first (and his second) attempts at hero codenames scream anger in a way that can’t be ignored. His quirk is literally Explosion! His hair, hero costume, and attitude all scream EXPLOSION. It isn’t any surprise that Bakugo makes this angry list. His generally short fuse makes it hard for people to like him or even acknowledge his keen intellect and battle prowess. He may have a powerful quirk to become a great hero. However referring to his classmates as extras and background characters does little to improve his rotten reputation.


Durarara!! – Shizuo Heiwajima

Angry anime characters - Shizuo Heiwajima

Gif: Aniplex

Shizuo is a different breed of angry anime character. He is the very personification of rage unleashed. If he were a geographical feature, he’d be a volcano. For the longest time he can lay dormant but everybody’s got to go when the volcano blows. Shizuo is a man that gets stabbed with pens and just casually wonders what to do with the injuries. He gets shot but thought that he slipped in the rain. He unabashedly picks up a refrigerator/trash can/vending machine and causes terror all over Ikebukuro. What does his body do with all the violence inflicted upon itself? His anger has unlocked the part of the brain where our muscles shut down to avoid pain. He can go 100% adrenaline mode all the time – which makes the people that get in his way actively avoid him (unless you’re Izaya and you like to stir the pot).


Well there they are – five angry anime characters that would have me diving for cover. They have lots of volume in their anger; lots of power in their passion. Make sure you have a pair of earplugs and fire extinguisher ready for their fury!

Feature Image: Funimation


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