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‘Supergirl’ recap: 3×12 “For Good”

Supergirl recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “For Good” Aired January 29, 2018.

On tonight’s episode of Supergirl we got another Lena Luthor centric episode. I don’t know if it is because Katie McGrath is such a seasoned actress, or if the writers take great care when writing her scenes, but these episodes always end up being my favorite!

A lot happened this episode. There were so many great moments. Lets count them down!

5. Target: Morgan Edge


Poor Lena is at Cat Co. minding her own business, when her coffee is poisoned. She falls to the ground. Kara rushes her to the DEO. Morgan Edge hired someone to kill her. Lena ends up being okay, but Morgan’s stupidity starts a chain of events.

  • Someone kills his hitman. The bullet disintegrates.
  • Lena traces the bullets back to the research division at LCorp.
  • Lillian has come out of hiding to kill edge, for his hit on Lena.

4. Lillian Returns


Yes, Mommy Dearest is back and she is furious. I get so confused as to if Lillian actually likes her daughter. I guess this means she does?

Lillian tells Lena to join her and kill Morgan. Lena is like, nah. Why? Three reasons: Kara, Sam, and Alex. Why didn’t I include James? I just don’t see their relationship lasting. Anyways, Lena turns her down.

She tells Kara about the hit Lillian has on Edge. Now Kara must protect the one person she can’t stand. Who also tried to kill her best friend.

Lillian like clockwork tries to kill Edge again.

3. Drone vs. Robot


Lena programs a drone to attack Edge at a party. She does this to get him to confess. He does and she records him. Then Lillian shows up and almost ruins the whole thing.

  • Lillian shows up in Lex’s Lexo suit. Can they please come up with a better name for that?
  • It has kryptonite radiating off of it, so Kara can only half handle the situation.
  • Mon-El shows up. Winn reprograms the drone.
  • Mon-El shoots the drone at the suit.

Can we all agree that Mon-El is totally unnecessary? Winn could have programed the drone and flown it. Seriously Mon-El, go home. Winn, Supegirl, Mon-El, and James defeat Edge and Lillian. (Honestly that many people were not needed.)

2. Arrests all around


Edge is arrested. Lillian is arrested. Everyone is arrested. I am kidding only those two. You know sometimes I like to take a few minutes to point out the obvious.

“How is it that Lena does not know Kara is Supergirl?!”

Seriously. Lena is supposed to be this super smart woman. Mon-El shows up with Supergirl, then two seconds later Kara shows up and tells Lena she knows Mon-El is back. ARE THEY NEVER GOING TO HAVE THE TALK? I mean it is just ridiculous at this point.

Sorry, rant over. Moving on.

1. What is wrong with Sam?


Meanwhile, Sam confides in Alex about her memory loss. Are we supposed to be getting a vibe off of these two? I can’t figure it out. They are either becoming good friends or something more. Either way it works.

Alex begins to run a series of tests on Sam. Everything clears. I have no idea how, but it does. Alex pleads with Sam to tell the others. She agrees.

At the end of all the craziness of the episode, Sam tells Lena and Kara what is going on. Why no one is putting two and two together is beyond me.

What do you think about Alex and Sam? Did you enjoy the Lena-centric episode? Sound off in the comments!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.

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