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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recap: 3×10 “Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recap: 3×10 “Oh Nathaniel, It’s On!” aired Friday, January 26th on The CW.

Rebecca + extra hormones goes… pretty much exactly how you’d expect.

Musical Numbers

He’s The New Guy: A reprise of the iconic “Who’s The New Guy?” this new bop is just as meta and just as catchy as it’s predecessor. In a series of thinly veiled references to the show itself, Rebecca explains why Nathaniel cannot be trusted. She explains away her reference to “that one scene where he pooped his pants” by explaining that by scene, she means he made a scene. When she questions his becoming a series regular, she’s clearly referring to his tendency to eat bran in the spring. Bex runs out of answers after she references the very reprise she is currently singing: “Why else do you think that I’m singing this reprise? And by ‘singing this reprise’ I mean, whatever, just don’t think about it.”

Horny Angry Tango: In the midst of their legal dance in court, Rebecca and Nathaniel literally dance. It’s a tango, and it’s horny, angry, and sometimes horizontal. The most notable reveal from this song is that both parties are very aware of the fact that they are not over one another.

It’s also worth noting that the theme song doesn’t come in until nearly halfway through the episode, at the 20-minute mark, when Nathaniel questions if Rebecca is out of her mind. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has completely thrown out any rules of conventionality, and the result is outstanding.

The Indefinite Permanent Break

Rebecca, ill-advisedly influenced by hormone injections (to prepare to donate her eggs to Darryl) spends the episode first attempting to get her job back, and later just wholly working to destroy Nathaniel. After Nathaniel informs her that she is no longer employed at Whitefeather & Associates, Rebecca is sure it’s revenge for their break-up.

When Rebecca discovers that Nathaniel has seemingly moved on, she gets even angrier. And the fact that Nathaniel took his new girlfriend to Raging Waters (Bex’s Paris!) is the tipping point. Rebecca meets up with Darryl’s ex-wife and formulates a plot to sue Nathaniel for a wrongful acquisition of his half of the firm.

Though they are seemingly enemies, the tension between Nathaniel and Rebecca is palpable. And this is no subtle undertone – the show makes it explicitly clear that Rebecca is extremely turned on by her and Nathaniel’s argument. The two nearly start making out in court. Their legal argument dissolves into a tango where true feelings are revealed.

In the end, Nathaniel loses the lawsuit and the company. And although Darryl’s ex-wife has agreed to sell her shares to Rebecca, Bex realizes that she doesn’t have the money.

Rebecca falls into a hormone induced haze and literally orders a hit on Nathaniel’s girlfriend. It’s dark. She regrets it immediately and (probably) cancels it.

When she tells her bipolar therapy group about this series of events, one member offers to fund her shares. Turns out, he’s a bitcoin thousandaire. He’ll be a silent partner, giving Rebecca full control of the shares.

With half the firm now hers, Rebecca moves into Nathaniel’s office. They are now officially office roomates!


This week, Heather is having identity issues. She attempts to unravel them during Hector and his mother’s podcast, but Mom is not having it – she wants to hear relationship deets.

Later, at Home Base, Heather is offered an application for a corporate program. The program is looking for diversity, and Heather fits the bill. The only problem is that Heather hates the “creepily homogenous” environment, and misses being on site at Home Base.

Solution? Home Base corporate creates a managerial program (after Heather’s suggestion.) Now, Heather is a regional manager for three different Home Base location, and she finally knows who she is.

This is great news for Hector – now that Heather knows who she is, she’s ready to take the next step with him. She invites him to move in with her, and he accepts! And don’t worry about his mom, she’s got Josh as her new BFF now, so she’ll be just fine.

Darryl, Rebecca, and Heather are having a baby – no big deal

In one of the final moments of the episode, Darryl’s surrogate cancels – huge bummer. No worries though, because Heather casually volunteers to rent out her womb for the next nine months. It’s official – Darryl, Rebecca, and Heather are having a baby – it’s really the kind of thing that could only work on a show like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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